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with the J8 system. The horizontal angle of diffusion is 80 degrees, so it’s easier to con- trol the sound on the balcony.” Employing an additional complement of Meyer Sound UPM-1Ps in both the orchestra and balcony levels, the hall’s various speak- ers can also be converted into a 70-volt stereo surround system. “The room sounds really nice on its own,” Desbiens says of the main hall’s acoustic properties. That’s of course the product of a meticulous acoustic design that caters to Quebec’s symphony and opera company in addition to a multitude of other productions. For those involving less reinforcement, the room is natural reverberant; however, for more amplified applications, a series of curtains, reversible acoustical panels, and adjustable reflective panels can be config- ured to dampen or reflect sound and sig- nificantly modulate the reverberation time accordingly. Forgues says the addition of the digital console has elevated the performance of the d&b system. “It’s just so much cleaner,” he enthuses. “I had the chance to mix the same show on the XL4 and S6L, and we noticed a big improvement in audio quality. The XL4 was a great desk, but we had so much outboard gear and patching, there was just a lot in the signal path that could introduce noise. With the digital desk, it’s just so much clearer, and we now have a Meyer Galileo Galaxy to drive the sound, which has improved things even more.” Although the venue’s systems can now be completely AVB network-based, the stage inputs are available as a MADI digital split at both 48 and 96 K to offer something of a leg- acy bridge; however, Desbiens says the plan is to eventually go entirely AVB for an all-digital signal from the amps to the loudspeakers. Salle Louis Fréchette • 6 x L-Acoustics KIVA per side (Main Arrays) FOH • Avid Venue S6L 24D Engine 192 • 2 x L-Acoustics SB15 Subwoofers per side (Main Arrays) • Avid Stage 16 16x8 Rack • 6 x L-Acoustics KIVA (Centre Array) • 2 x Avid Stage 64 96x48 Rack • 2 x L-Acoustics SB18 Subwoofers per side (Ground Stacked) Loudspeakers • d&b audiotechnik J-Series System • 9 x L-Acoustics 5XT (Front Fills) • 4 x L-Acoustics LA4 Amplifiers • 9 x J8 per side (Main Arrays) • 1 x L-Acoustics LA8 Amplifier • 2 x J-SUB per side (Main Arrays) • 7 x T10 (Centre Cluster) • 3 x Genelec 1030A per side (Room Fills) • 1 x C7 per side (Side Fill) • 4 x L-Acoustics KIVAs (Mobile) • 2 x Q7 per side (Side Fill) • 2 x Vi7P per side (Upperside Balcony Fill) • 1 x L-Acoustics LA4 Amplifier (Mobile) • 4 x T10 (Front Fill) • 2 x Meyer Sound USW-1 (Mobile) • 6 x Meyer Sound UPA-1Cs (Mobile) • 6 x Meyer Sound UPM-1s (Mobile) • 6 x Meyer Sound UPM-1P (Orchestra Level Surround) • Bryston 4B Amplifier (Mobile) • 4 x Meyer Sound UPM-1P (Balcony Level Surround) • 2 x Auratone 5C Monitors • 3 x Fostex 6301B Monitors • Symetrix A-220 Amplifier (Monitors) Effects & Processing • 2 x Lexicon 300 Multi-Effect Effects & Processing • Lexicon PCM 80 Multi-Effect • Klark-Teknik DN9340E EQ • Yamaha SPX 990 Multi-Effect • Klark-Teknik DN9344E EQ • Lexicon PCM 90 Reverb • Klark-Teknik DN9348E Processor • TC Electronic D-TWO Delay • Klark-Teknik DN 6000 Analyzer • Klark-Teknik DN 6000 Analyzer • 4 x Klark-Teknik DN 3600 EQ • Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxie 816 AES Network Processor • 3 x Klark-Teknik DN 360 EQ Monitors • Avid Venue S6L 24D Engine 144 • Avid Venue SC-48 • 8 x Meyer Sound MJF-212A Powered 45° Wedges • 12 x Meyer Sound UM-1A 60° Wedges The audio team at the Grand Théâtre has taken great pride in delivering the best possible show to its patrons with each and every production to hit its two stages. Now, with a digital infrastructure and future ex- pandability, they’ve elevated the bar for said experiences. From rider friendliness to ease of use to sound quality, they’ve checked every box they initially put forth and are looking forward to maintaining the reputa- tion of their iconic venue as it approaches its 50 th anniversary. Loudspeakers • Klark-Teknik DN 410 Parametric EQ • BSS DPR 901 II Dynamic EQ • Drawmer DL251 Spectral Compressor • BSS DPR 404 Compressor/De-Esser • DBX 166 Compressor/Limiter • DBX 160 XT Compressor/Limiter 2 x DBX 900 Racks • 4 x Meyer UM-1C 45° Wedges • 8 x DBX 903 Compressors • 2 x Meyer USW-1 Subwoofers • 6 x DBX 904 Noise Gates • 6 x Meyer MSL-3 (Stage Side Fills) • DBX 902 De-Esser • 4 x Meyer Sound UPA-1A • Lexicon 300 Multi-Effect • 2 x Meyer Sound UPA-2C • Lexicon PCM 91 Reverb • Lexicon PCM 81 Multi-Effect Salle Octave Crémazie • Lexicon 200 Reverb • Yamaha SPX 990 Multi-Effect • TC Electronics D-TWO Delay FOH • Avid Venue S6L: 24D engine 192 • Lexicon Super Prime Delay • Avid Stage 16 16x8 Rack Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief of Professional Sound. • 2 x Avid Stage 64 96x48 Rack PROFESSIONAL SOUND 29