Professional Sound - February 2018 - Page 28

SALLE LOUIS FRÉCHETTE feedback to the designers and developers at Avid. That was the case after Forgues had a chance to mix on the S6L prior to the Grand Théâtre’s purchasing process. The event was Hugo Larin of Avid’s Canadian representa- tives, LS Media, for his guidance through the purchasing process as well as his after-sales support, helping them “really get inside the software” and also being willing to take their AVID VENUE S6L AT FOH POSITION IN SALLE OCTAVE CRÉMAZIE 28 PROFESSIONAL SOUND a television broadcast for Quebec’s Saint- Jean Baptiste holiday in late June 2016. “When I worked with the S6L there, I had a few questions and concerns,” Forgues says about the then-new console. “Hugo was there and made some notes and shared my comments with the team at Avid. “The company listens to us and what we need, so they’ve already updated the software twice since we acquired the consoles and are loading each version with new features,” Forgues continues. “Like as of now, we can use a tablet with the desk. They’re constantly taking input from their users and updating, and that’s really cool. The product isn’t fixed in time; it’s always evolving and progressing.” In the larger Salle Louis Fréchette, the new desk is driving a d&b audiotechnik J-Series PA that was installed in late 2011. The left-centre-right configuration features main left-right arrays of nine J8 cabinets and two J-SUB subwoofers per side and a cluster of seven T10s in the centre. One C7 and two Q7s per side handle side fill while an addi- tional four T10s handle front fill. “The room is very square and the stage is very large, so each side of the PA is really close to the side walls and balcony,” Forgues explains. “That’s one of the reasons we went