Professional Sound - February 2018 - Page 27

AVID VENUE S6L AT FOH POSITION IN SALLE LOUIS FRÉCHETTE Forgues explain, there were others to consider. “One of the big concerns for us was an easy workflow and learning curve, because we have a lot of guest engineers and don’t have much time to teach everyone about the work- flow, patch, and everything,” shares Forgues. Desbiens explains that they first nar- rowed the field to a shortlist of options that checked the initial list of boxes. Next, they had the opportunity to test each one in an actual show within Salle Louis Fréchette, and that’s when the choice of the S6L for all three positions became clear for the stake- holders. Ultimately, the venue purchased three Venue S6L mixing systems through Solo- tech. Two S6L-24D-192 units with extra HDx DSP resources are fixed at the FOH positions of the performance halls while the third S6L-24D-144 can float between the two in a fully shared I/O set-up for events or pre- production work. This is made possible by the venue’s fibre ring with several nodes open for patching in both halls. Each room also has a permanent Stage 64 rack comprised of analog, digital, AES3, and Dante I/O, with an additional pair of mobile Stage 64s available to increase the total I/O to 168 inputs (192 capable) and 96 outputs. Alternatively, there’s a smaller Stage 16 remote I/O rack that can be de- ployed in the fibre ring to easily add an extra 16 x 8 shared I/O. “We decided early that the console we chose would be the same in each room, and one for the monitoring,” Des- biens says. “It’s easier for us to manage everything – the learning curve, the maintenance – if everything is consistent. We also have the [Meyer Sound] Galileo Galaxy [network processor] in both halls and we tried to replicate the installation on each side to really simplify everything.” The diversity of the Grand Théâtre’s programming weighed heavily into the decision, particularl vVB6RF6RbG2&W6FVB&v旦F26VBЦr( &6W7G&R7VRFR\:&V2FRF::'G&RGRG&FVBBFR :&FP\:&V2( vRfVBFR3dfW'fW&RFFFW6RFffW&VBG2b6w2( f&wVW062( vRF6R&V6&FrvFFR"Ц6W7G&BvR&VGfR&F2@v&6FRFVw&Fb&F2vFFR3d26V7Bv2&rB( ХW6rd"VFvF26WFW B6vR6Bb6&R#6V2`&6BB&V6&Fr6&ƗFW2@b6&RW6VBf"f'GV6VF6V6"&677FV2ƖR"BƗfR( vRFfR6R6w2vF6WB6VG2( R6FVW2( 'WBf"6w2vFFR&6W7G&f"WRvPfRW2WG2BN( 26V6V2ЦW"vFFR3dB7FvR&62FFPr66RB6FV6"( ФV6bFRfVR&VBFRFW6( 0VFG&6&V6&Fr6&ƗFW22F@rvVFR72&VV'6rf&wVW266GW&RFRG&62BW6PFVf"f'GV6VF6V6FR66W'@( FN( 2&r7FWf'v&Bf"W2( PFG2vFFR&V֖FW"FBFW( B&WfЦW6ǒ&VVv&rvFFRrBखFR6W"WFF0&VV&W76rf"6WB6gFW"FB76R7G2&RFVG&P&GV7F2B26vW&RFR3d6WFW2V2FV&RGWGf"ЧF&r6&Vr&RF&V66WGFw2f &V7W'&r6w2ffW'26vf6BFP6fw2&Ff&wVW2BFW6&V26V@$dU544TB#p