Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 70

PROJECT FILE Dubai’s Spectrum Entertainment Services has already put its substantial new E-Series system from Adamson Systems Engi- neering to work at several large-scale events, including the 2017 Saudi National Day celebrations at King Fahd International Stadi- um in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Spectrum’s package is comprised of 24 E15 and 12 E12 three-way, true line source array cabinets, 12 E219 subwoofers, and 24 compact E119 subwoofers. “We’re seeing the demand for high-performance audio sys- tems continue to grow and invested in Adamson’s E-Series due to its high-fidelity sound, phase coherence, even coverage, and clarity,” says Julien Beyrouthy, GM of Spectrum Entertainment Services. “Ad- amson’s rider acceptance has grown significantly and promoters in our market have made it clear they’re looking for seasoned compa- nies offering Adamson systems.” For the new Quebec-based web series Gars de Chars (“Car Guys”), car fanatic, producer, director, videographer, and long-time loca- tion sound mixer Mad Paris captured the craziness with his Le ۚXY][XY\[\] [Y[[Z]\˜[ԘXZ]\˂XY\\\\Hۛۈ\[Z[\\Y[\Y[[›][ۈ[܈[ܙH[ YX\] LYX\[ܚ[š[8'x&\HYX[XXܜˈ]8&\X[Y[܈\\Bو[HYYY\]Z\Y[ 8'HH^\ˈHX[ۈ[\Y[[LH]ZX[H[]X\ ][ M\\[\X[]HXۚXXZ]\˂HRTT Q H SQTST܈X[X&\ MYYHXX[H\Z\ؘ[BYYX[X[XZHUQHLLY][]Y[ۜ\܈۝ق\H[[ۚ]ܜ˂'H[ܙHHX\X]HLL H[&][]H[\B\Y 8'H^\[[Y\HZ\\8']8&\XH\]ۋ]]\]ZXK[[H\HXYHˈY\H[\\ܚXH][XX[]K[H[\YˈHYXܙYX™HH][\\Z^Yۈ]\[Y\[ۜ\]BLL[[H[Y]\x&[H[[[ܙH[YHZ^[[\[YHZ[]H[H[܈HY\ܛX[K'B'x&]HY[ۈX[HY][\[\]\]\ٚYY]H[وH[[[HLL 8'HY[ۚ]܈[[Y\[Y\[\ 8'x&]HY\H]HTH[Y&]]HYYZ[XZH[[[[]\[ 'BёTSӐSS܈ؘYH[X[\&HX[]\X[\]Y[\[YHH]\\\\&\ۙ]\H]Y[\Y\][XBX[ۜ ]K]HX[][ۈو PX\X’H[̜\HXZ[YXZ\\[K]\Y[\Z[ PX\X\[\܈[X[\܈H\]HYX\˜[\YX\^H]H\]Y[\YX][ۈH]\LL[\YYY۝\˂'\][[[HH\[HۈH]LL[\YY\\\Y\ܝ\\YX\8'H^\]&\Y 8'ۛH]HHY[[[\ݙ[Y[[H\[B[]HLL[ݚY\H[ܙYXH[[YX\X]\H]YX\\\H]XYYXZ\[\XZH\H]]\][\ܚ[ܜXK'