Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 60

PRODUCTS Lectrosonics SMWB & SMDWB Transmitters Lectrosonics has introduced two new transmitters as the latest generation in the Digital Hybrid Wireless SM Series product line. These are the “wide band” SMWB (single AA battery) and SMDWB (dual AA battery) transmitters. The two new transmitters have a similar look and feel to previous SM Series units but with several new features, including the ability to either act as a transmitter or as a body-worn recorder, as well as wideband tuning. As with current Lectrosonics transmitters, the SMWB and SMDWB units tune across three standard frequency blocks and come in several frequency ranges: A1 (470 – 537 MHz) and B1 (537 – 614 MHz) for the North American and export markets, and B2 (563 – 640 MHz) and C1 (614 – 691 MHz) for certain export markets. RF power for these models is selectable at 100, 50, or 25 mW (North American version) and 50 or 25 mW (certain export markets). The SMWB and SMDWB feature the standard TA5 connector with servo-bias mic input. The new units can be configured either as a transmitter or a recorder, with files stored on Micro SD card memory, allowing use as body worn recorders. Audio files are recorded in the Broadcast Wave (.WAV) format at a 24-bit, 44.1 kHz sample rate. For more information, contact Lectrosonics Canada: 416-596-2202, FAX 416-596-6648,, IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 Mixing & Mastering System IK Multimedia has released the T-RackS 5 mix- ing and mastering system for Mac and PC. In T-RackS 5, there are now 38 modules, including four new additions to the collec- tion. The Master Match plug-in automati- cally matches the sonic fingerprint of up to three reference tracks and then applies that sound to a user’s mix. The Dyna-Mu vari-mu compressor/limiter, thanks to its transform- ers and all-tube modeled heart, can impart an audible effect that glues all the parts of a mix together. The EQual digital equalizer is a 10-band parametric equalizer with very transparent sound, a full-screen resizable in- terface, and a wide array of filter shapes that replicate the typical curves of iconic British and American analog EQs. Developed as an “all-in-one” solution, the new ONE mastering processor has been designed for easy, streamlined, and straightforward audio finalization. It includes an EQ, compressor, analog harmonic exciter, low-end enhancer, and limiter that are de- signed to let anyone achieve professional quality results. For more information, contact Hal Leonard: 414-774-3630, FAX 414-774-3259,, 60 PROFESSIONAL SOUND