Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 54

PRODUCTS Dynacord L Series Amplifiers Dynacord has released the L Series of amplifiers. The four models in the L Series – the L1300FD, L1800FD, L2800FD, and L3600FD – are ideal for performing musicians and production companies providing sound reinforcement for live performances in venues like music clubs, community halls, performance centres, and sports venues. The power amplifiers comprise a linear amp design with a tour-grade feature set. An onboard DSP includes multi-band PEQs, crossovers, limiters, and delay per channel. It also has true channel grouping control with extra DSP capabilities like PEQ, GEQ, and delay for each group. The L Series amplifiers are also equipped with advanced FIR-Drive, a feature normally reserved for the company’s tour-grade DSPs. It optimizes original factory loudspeaker settings and across the four models the total output power ranges from 1,300-3,600 W at 4 ohms. For more information, contact PAG Canada: 866-972-4226,, Cedar SE 1 Speech Enhancer Cedar Audio has released the Cedar SE 1 speech enhancer, which offers two channels of advanced filtering and speech enhancement in a small device that sits immediately between the probes (microphones) and headphones. It offers zero latency and simple controls, making it ideal for covert surveillance and rapid tactical response in the field. The Cedar SE 1 is small enough to fit into a pocket, but its audio processing capabilities allow field operatives to monitor audio, reduce noise, and improve the listenability of audio captured in adverse conditions. It also integrates with other equipment using either analog or digital inputs and outputs and incorporates two independent headphone outputs for live monitoring directly from the unit itself. Users can also take the input from one probe and output two signals – the untreated audio and the filtered audio – so that courts and investigators can hear both versions of the signal available to the field agents. For more information, contact HHB Canada: 416-867-9000, FAX 416-867-1080,, RTW TM3 RackMount Solution RTW has introduced a 19-in. rackmount for its TM3 and TM3-Primus series of products. With the TM3 RackMount Solution, users can integrate up to two TM3 or TM3-Primus solutions in one carrier. The solution comes in two versions that integrate easily with either the TM3 TouchMonitor or the TM3-Primus TouchMonitor by swapping out the necessary hardware. The TM3-2U is a mounting system for RTW’s TM3 series products, including the TM3, TM3S, TM3-3G and TM3-3GS. With the appropriate mount, the TM3-Primus may also be used in this configuration. The TM3-Pri-2U is the exclusive rackmount for the TM3- Primus, allowing mounting for the TM3-Primus into an appropriate mechanical environment for a customer installation. For more information, contact Sonotechnique: 514-332-6868, FAX 514-332-5537,, 54 PROFESSIONAL SOUN