Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 50

PRODUCTS Allen & Heath SQ Series Mixers Allen & Heath has introduced the 96 kHz SQ series of digital mixers for live sound, AV, and installation applications. The SQ-5 and SQ-6 mixers are founded on Allen & Heath’s XCVI 96 kHz FPGA engine, delivering high-resolution audio with a latency of <0.7ms. The SQ-5 has 16 onboard preamps and 17 faders and is 19-in. rack mountable, while the SQ-6 provides 24 preamps and 25 faders. Both consoles can be expanded up to 48 inputs via a family of remote expanders and feature an audio networking slot for optional Dante, Waves, and other card formats, expanding the scope for system integration, FOH/monitor splits, and multitrack recording. A built-in SQ-Drive makes it easier to capture high-resolution 96 kHz stereo and multitrack recordings direct to a USB drive. SQ can also be hooked up to a PC or Mac via USB to become a plug-and-play, Core Audio or ASIO-compliant 32 x 32 audio interface with MIDI and DAW control capabilities. For more information, contact Erikson Pro: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055,, Dangerous Music Convert-AD+ Analog-to-Digital Converter Dangerous Music has introduced the Convert-AD+ analog-to-digital converter. The unit offers dual stereo analog inputs with front panel selection and 44.1 to 192 K sample rate selection with Lock indicator. Other technical features include selectable calibration for -14, -16, and -18 dBFS and a unique “clip guard” for removing clipping indication from digital prints for CD masters, Mastered for iTunes, and Spotify. The Convert-AD+ has extensive metering control with 10dB Zoom Mode, Peak Over Average, Peak Hold, Over indicators, and more. The X-Former insert button integrates a pair of customized Hammond transformers and the Emphasis shelving EQ/compressor induces second order harmonic distortion with engaged transformers. The word clock has internal, external, or master settings and there are dual stereo AES outputs. For more information, contact Dangerous Music: 845-202-5100,, Earthworks SV33 Studio Vocal Microphone Earthworks has launched the SV33 front address cardioid condenser, the company’s new flagship studio vocal microphone. The SV33 features hand-tuned circuitry paired with a 14-mm capsule. Incorporating Earthworks’ polar technology, the SV33 is designed to deliver a cardioid polar pattern that is consistent up to 80 degrees off-axis. This performance allows the singer to move freely in front of the microphone without sacrificing timbre or level. It also has very low handling noise and a built-in windscreen to prevent plosives. The SV33 rejects unwanted sounds at the rear of the microphone, while any sounds that come in off-axis sound natural and uncoloured. The SV33 has a frequency response of 30 Hz to 33 kHz ±2dB at 5 in. with self-noise of 15dBA, yielding a 79dB S/N ratio. Its maximum acoustic input level is 145dB SPL. For more information, contact Earthworks: 603-654-2433, FAX 603-654-6107,, 50 PROFESSIONAL SOUND