Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 38

Doyle Audio Engineering 1750 Plummer St. Pickering, ON L1W 3L7 905-839-9998, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1981 Number of Employees: 8-12 Officers: Kirsten Doyle; Gerard Doyle; George Doyle; James Doyle Lines Carried: Arrow (touring PAs) Doyle Audio Engineering (custom stage & PA speakers, cabinets, custom studio furniture) How to Set Up Your Own Studio (educational DVDs) (A Div. of Radial Engineering Ltd.) 1588 Kebet Way Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5 604-942-1001, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1955 Officers: Peter Janis, CEO; Mike Hill, GM Sales Reps: Roc Bubel, ext. 252 Lines Carried: Dynaco (power amplifiers, preamplifiers) Dynacord (A Div. of Bosch Security Systems) 130 Perinton Pkwy. Fairport, NY 14450 800-289-0096, FAX 800-955-6831, Year Established: 1947 Company Type: Manufacturer Lines Carried: Dynacord (amplifiers) E Ear Trumpet Labs 2117 N.E. Oregon St., #303 Portland, OR 97232 503-974-4147, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 2011 Officers: Philip Graham, Founder Lines Carried: Ear Trumpet Labs (boutique microphones) 37 Wilton Rd. Milford, NH 03055 603-654-2433, FAX 603-654-6107, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1995 Officers: Heidi Blackmer Robichaud, Pres.; Daniel Blackmer, GM/Dir. of Eng. Lines Carried: Earthworks (wired microphones, preamplifiers) 38 PROFESSIONAL SOUND 2165 46 Ave. E. Lachine, QC H8T 2P1 514-633-8877, FAX 514-633-8872, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1957 Number of Employees: 20 Officers: Howard Kalisky, Pres.; Dan Ellison, Sales Mgr.; Michael Marino, Prod. Specialist Sales Reps: Richard Sullivan, 514-633-5809; Dave Firby, 604-210-2700; Paul Hanna, 613-823-7330; Brian LeBlanc Lines Carried: Ebtech (sound accessories) EERS Global Technologies Inc. Dynaco Earthworks Inc. Efkay Music Instruments Ltd. 355 Peel St., 7 th Floor, #710 Montreal, QC H3C 2G9 514-375-0378, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1998 Sales Reps: Mylène Landry, Lines Carried: EERS (custom fit earphones & hearing production) SonX (IoT hearing protection) Electro-Harmonix 55-01 2 nd St. Long Island City, NY 11101 718-937-8300, FAX 718-937-9111, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1968 Officers: Mike Matthews, Founder & Pres. Lines Carried: Electro-Harmonix (effects pedals, microphones, audio processors, compressors) Electro-Voice (A Div. of Bosch Security Systems) 6955 Creditview Rd. Mississauga, ON L5N 1R1 905-826-6060, FAX 905-826-3681 Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1993 Sales Reps: PAG Canada, 866-972-4226,, Lines Carried: EV (wired & wireless microphones, amplifiers, processors, loudspeakers) Engineered Case Manufacturers 5191 Creekbank Rd. Mississauga, ON L4W 1R3 905-366-2273, FAX 905-366-0219, www.engine \Y\KB\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NNMBٙX\Έ]H[\\ˎ\H[ܜ\ˈY܋[\\Έ]H[\\H[ܜ\“[\\YYPH\\ \\B\Zۈ]Y[ŠH]وSH[\Y\ BL [P[YHKZYKQ8&U\KPV LM M MLMMKV LM M ML MB[\Zۘ]Y[˘K˙\Zۘ]Y[˘B\[H\N\X]܂YX\\X\Y NM͂ٙX\ΈY\X[܋[\\Έ\[\ ML L [Z[Z[[Y]K LM NMKMM [HX[  BMLN ]H[[KL M KML]X‘][ M LNL[\\YYX]ۈ ٝ\H\]Y[\B\H [\Z^\Yۘ[\ܜB]Y[UXXH ZXܛۙ\XYۙ\BX]\ ]Y[\]Z\Y[ݙ\BZY]Y[ [ۚ]ܜB\ܚ]H ]Y[[\X\B^ Xܙ\[ۚ]ܜXYۙ\B]܈[Y]ܚ [B]܈ \\B\[\ [ XB^SZ^ \ۘ[Z^\][K]XXܙ\Bݘ][ۈ Xܙ[^X\BT۝\ \ܜXܙ[ٝ\JB]XY[\X[ XZ\[ۚ]ܜ[\B[ ۝\]Y[[\X\\X\Z^\BQH [\Z^\Yۘ[\ܜB\] ٝ\JB\^ \HX[ۊB[Y]^ ]Y[]ܚ[\\H ٝ\JBTSH ]Y[\]Z\Y[ B\H]Y[ [[Xܙ[X\B\Y[H YXZ\[ۚ]ܜB\Zۈ[Y\X[H]وSH[\Y\ BL [P[YHKZYH8&U\KPV LM M MLMMKV LM M ML MB[\Zۘ[Y\X[ K˙\Zۘ[Y\X[ B\[H\N\X]܂YX\\X\Y NM̂ٙX\Έ\X[X\ \Zۈ”[\\Έ]H[[KL M KML]YB]\  N NMMKMNL ]YۋL KL M L ’[HX[  LMLN ]X][ B LNL[\\YY\^ ٙ\[ۘ[]Y[Xܙ[Y\ RK]H [[Y[XBY ]Y[Z^\ۙ\][KX[[[\YY\BݚY UۛX]]H][ۜB[\X\ X]^\[\Y[]\^[[ۜBQ PS Y][\X]\ Xܙ\T Y[œ^Y\B[ X\X[Y[Y[ \B\\ܜ]Y[X\ܚY\BۙKT\[\ ٙ\[ۘ[]܈YXZ\Bۈ[]Y[ [܈YXZ\B ]Y[ [܋]܈[[][ۈٙ\[ۘ[YXZ\BY\\PU X[[[\[\\[\U[Z\[ۜX\B\S[ Y][ۛX]]H][ۜB[[ [\X]H\X] ]YY[B\ۜH\[\B]Y\[Y\X[ [Y\X[[\YY\Z^\[܋]܈XZ\B [\YY\Z^\\X][ۈX[]\B\X \Z\Y]܈XZ\B [\XHX\ܚY\Z^\[\YY\Yۘ[\ܜYۘ[\\B[\ۈ ܝXH]Y[Z^\[\YY\\ܜZXܛۙ\۝\BY]H Y[[\\܈[][ [BZ[[\XH[[ \\X][ۜ