Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 32

40 40 40 40 40 32 • PROFESSIONAL SOUND signage for applications including public, retail, and residential spaces. “So everything from an AV perspec- tive, that’s where we play now,” Giffard says. Solotech is now a one-stop shop for virtually any application that involves lighting, sound, video, and related infrastructure and, additionally, the provision of security systems for clients across the board. Integration has long been part of Solotech’s of- ferings, Giffard says, “But in the last 10 years, as more sports venues are built, more AV components are included in shopping centres, hotels, and residential developments, we’ve grown our integration division.” At this point, integration accounts for approxi- mately 40 per cent of Solotech’s overall revenue, but sales and rentals – given their expertise and purchas- ing power – are also integral to Solotech’s growth overall, and to the integration division’s ongoing success. In every case, Solotech “evaluates and under- stands the customer’s need, finds the right product, network, application, and ensures we’re able to use it to the end of its capabilities to fulfill our client’s needs on the integration side.” So, too, do the company’s complementing divisions. Now, Solotech offers 360-degree services: lighting, AV, videoconferencing, video encoding, digital sig- nage, paging, intelligent transportation systems, and more, plus integration, installation, custom fabrica- tion, maintenance, and service for applications in the broadcast, corporate, cultural, educational, govern- ment, health, hospitality, retail, sporting, and transport sectors. “We’ve moved into the growing video side of the business,” Giffard adds about the company’s recent developments, and given that lighting and video are increasingly intertwined, that deepens penetration into the lighting market. While they continue to expand globally, their Montreal headquarters is key in ensuring continuity in terms of resources and staff. And, although Solo- tech has purchased various companies over time to deepen their presence in specific sectors, currently the focus is on purchasing equipment and being a part of the R&D process of that gear. “We’re not just buying gear off the shelf. We do have our own LED screens, brand new and made by SACO in Montreal – the S6, S12, and S28 – but we’re not building them, we’re part of their development, so that gives us an edge on that side.” It’s a culture of shared innovation, which benefits Solotech and its clients regardless of the market sector they play in. Again, Tremblay poses a question: “What about the gear that we haven’t heard of – what we believe will be trending in a year, or two, or more from now? We’re also working on that.” Providing what their clients have come to expect is fine, he says, but it’s critical to look down the pipe to anticipate, see, and develop the systems, equipment, and technologies that will be the future game chang- ers for both their traditional clients and the growing range of sectors that depend on technologies that, previously, were the purview of large-scale perfor- mances, events, and facilities. “The question,” Tremblay offers, “is how can we create value?” While a company can survive and even thrive by staying the course, offering more – by looking forward and relentlessly innovating – is a preferable model. Innovation was key to the products with which Tremblay worked in the gaming industry, and the same holds true in this job. Shared innovation is key going forward. “I would say that most of our clients are pushing the envelope, so we have to challenge ourselves,” says the CEO, and that’s integral to Solotech’s growth in every area. “It’s not about how much it costs; it’s a question of perception. Artists want to be different. They want to push the envelope.” Doing so with existing products is fine, but unless you consider what may be – in terms of products and services that are either becoming relevant now, or test the imagination in ter ́YHHɕѥѕȴ)ѥ́ձѥљɵ̃LԁݥЁɽɕ̸)Mѕ́ѕɵѼɽɕ̸)Mѕ́ٽٕɽ́չѡ)Ёѥ̰ՑѡЁѕȴ)хЁɅ́ѥ́ѡݽɱ+q́ԁܰMѕ݅́)Ёѽ́ȁյȁ啅̳t եɐ̸ͅ+q ՔԁM ٥ͱ䰁Ёݗeɔ)܁ݽɭݥѠ չ5̰Aհ5 ѹ䰁)QIMѽ̸]eٔͼɅ)Ʌєٕ́ݥѠѡ́齸 )]лt)5䁽ѡéɕЁɍ͕́)ѡɽ՝́ɥɅѥ եɐ̸qM)ݗeɔɔѽɥ)]eɔѽȁ܁ݥѠ1]eɔЁ͡)ѡݽɱѽȁݥѠQ]ͼ܁ݔٔ)Ёɔѡ͔ȁٕ́ȁѡt)QͥѕЁɽѠՍ̰ եɐ)̰ͅͻeЁЁ͕ɕͽɍ̰Ёѡٕ)ɕѥ٥䁅Յ䁉䁑ٕɕݡ)́ɽՍЁMѕéхѕѕ]ѡeٔ)Ѽѡȁɭ̰ѡݽɬݥѡ)ѡ䁅ݥѠ͔Ʌѽ̃LѥԴ)ɱ䁥ѕɵ́HĹѕɅѼձϊd)́ݥѡ͔́Ѽ͠ѡչ)ɥ́ݡӊéͥȁѡȁݸɽ̰̰)х̸+q]eɔЁ͕ɕ䁝хѕ)ȁȁхQӊéѡЁхЁѡt դ)ɐ̸QéɽѠ͍)ɕٕՔLՑѡȁЁɕ͔