Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 31

look good, and be in the back,” Tremblay says, laughing. “We’re not the star of the show, but we’re providing them quality. I admire our staff. If there’s one thing they and we are, it’s passionate. I relate to that. It’s all about passion. You don’t do what we do without that passion.” The Montreal-headquartered company has become a powerhouse over time, boast- ing a roster of clients that includes some of the world’s most successful performers and entertainment firms – an arc rooted in Solo- tech Founder Denis Lefrançois’ initial efforts. AGROPUR MEETING ROOM reach and variety of services. In 1984, they acquired premier Quebec lighting firm Éclairage Tanguay and moved into the rental, sale, and servicing of professional lighting gear. By 1990, they’d added video technol- ogy, bulked up on staff, and in the next five years, added multimedia and complete AV system services and established an integra- tion division. As it acquired more businesses, such as Audio Analysts’ U.S. operations in mid-2011, Solotech continued to grow internationally. Also in 2011, they established a new Mon- 40 SOLOTECH OFFICE CIRCA 1970S/’80S In 1975, Lefrançois, then a loudspeaker de- signer and manufacturer, was approached by Montreal’s Olympic Committee to provide and operate audio systems for the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics. Lefrançois rose to the challenge and, over the next year-and- a-half, provided the staff and inventory nec- essary to cover the vast audio needs of the games. Following the Olympics, Lefrançois and partner André Riendeau purchased one of the primary companies they’d worked with for the events, Audio Analysts, and launched Solotech as an audio sales house in 1977. Within a year, they’d tripled their income and soon embarked on a series of acquisitions and expansions. Having become a major force in Que- bec’s audio market, Solotech extended its our staff in new technologies and investing in our people, we ensure our ability to realize the customer’s vision within their budget.” Giffard joined Solotech in 2016 but is well acquainted with the company’s trajecto- ry and the steps the