Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 22

PRODUCT TESTS RME Fireface UFX+ Audio Interface & ARC USB Remote Control By Adam Gallant TotalMix FX+ RME bundles all of its drivers with a single, scal- able control utility called TotalMix FX; here, we have TotalMix FX+. It is a simple control panel with both a traditional mixer view and a matrix 22 PROFESSIONAL SOUND ARC USB Remote Control Along with the release of the UFX+ comes a newly designed, very rugged USB remote control. This wired remote is customizable to access the most frequently used com- mands of TotalMix FX+, such as gain for the four microphone preamps, headphone outputs, monitor output volume, dim, talk- back, and more. The ARC USB is a USB MIDI remote control that is compatible with all RME audio inter