Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 19

PROFILE Howie Moscovitch By Andrew King V eteran songwriter, producer, and engineer Howie Mosco- vitch seems to have found the fountain of youth. Born and bred in Win- nipeg, MB, Moscovitch is a Canadian ex-pat now based and working in Nashville. Though he works on a myriad of projects from many different genres, he most often finds himself in the world of pop music, and says that keeping pace with the genre’s quick evolution is very much like drinking from the rejuvenating mythical body of water. “I get older, but am always aware of the shifting trends and newest sounds,” he says. “I get to work with talented and interesting people, and the aim is to always be growing and sounding fresh.” Moscovitch’s musical journey began with classical piano lessons as a child, but really took off when he traded his 88 keys for six strings at age 12. “Guitar led me to improvisation, which got organized into compositions,” he begins. “The compositions needed to be recorded, and that’s when I started producing.” He worked his way from reel-to-reel ma- chines to virtually “every kind of Portastudio” and never stopped experimenting with the latest recording tools and technologies. At the same time, he was playing and writing with a number of different bands and saw his songwriting chops and catalogue grow exponentially. “Since then, I’ve been lucky to work with and learn from great songwriters, players, producers, and engineers – many of whom are JUNO and Grammy Award winners,” he shares. He’s won songwriting competitions, signed several publishing contracts, had a number of successful covers, and seven years ago, made the trek down to Nashville to continue his work. He’s been there ever since. He describes his time working with Nashville-based creative hub County Q Productions as being particularly influential to his career and current workflow. “I was trusted to do every aspect of each record- ing,” he explains – “writing, playing all tracks, engineering, and mixing.” That was especially valuable in his rela- tionship with Grammy-winning producer, mixer, and engineer Chris Trevett on some special projects. “I was auditioned as much for my writing as for the quality of my produc- tions,” he explains of his time with the studio veteran, whose credits include work with Prince and Michael Jackson. Moscovitch recently signed a global distribution, publishing, and administration deal for his masters and continues to write and produce new material on a full-time ba- sis. He’s also working on artist development with a few budding acts, from two sisters in a ‘90s-sounding soul outfit to a pop singer that fuses R&B with EDM to hip-hop artist K Rush, with whom he recently collaborated on a track that features the rapper’s four- year-old daughter. “I work in most offshoots of pop, and though I strive to create unique-sounding songs and recordings, most clients also want all the requisite bells and whistles of current pop songs,” he says of one of his many ongo- ing challenges. “So it’s necessary to have the newest arrangements, beats, and production and engineering techniques on lock.” Being in business for himself means much of his time is dedicated to doing just that – studying his peers’ latest sounds and tricks and finding ways to incorporate them into his workflow with the latest technologies. Moscovitch lives on his own down in Nashville, and when he can escape from the studio, he has several scenic spots in and outside of the city where he can decompress. ‘It’s good to get away from work to refresh your focus,” he says. “I try to spend lots of time outdoors, exercising, hiking, and swimming.” Inside, he likes to cook and is also something of a self-described “word nerd” who avidly tackles crossword puzzles. Of course, living and working in Music City means he’s always surrounded by tal- ent, so getting out for a night on the town to hear some new sounds and old favourites is something he still relishes. As of now, Moscovitch is waiting to see if his visa will be approved for a few more years in the U.S., but says wherever he may find himself in the New Year, he’ll still be eagerly working with new and esta &Ɨ6VB'F7G2@VrFVFRFV"'BFFRWBWfV( FR7&gB2v2Wffr( R62( B( Ц7W&W2FV"vBגG&626VBƖRF0FRWBV"( ФG&Wrr2FRVFF"֖6Vb`&fW766VB$dU544TB