Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 16

Supplier Service Survey Professional Sound surveyed audio professionals across Canada to fi nd out their thoughts and preferences with regards to their working relationships with manufacturers and distributors. Here are the results… In the past 1-3 years, have you made a conscious decision to stop purchasing from a particular supplier? 71% YES 29% NO If you answered “yes,” what led to that decision? Poor product quality 33% Poor or inconsistent service Found a preferred supplier for that type of product 17% Other 42% 8% Which of the following do you fi nd most important in a manufacturer/dis- tributor supplying product for your job? Good initial training and ongoing support 47% Potential cost savings 12% Previous success on similar jobs/ applications 41% When purchasing gear for your rental inventory, live production applications, or installations, do you primarily prefer to: Speaking out Audition similar products from a variety of brands to fi nd the best 6% Thinking of the best working relationship you have with a manufacturer/distributor, what does that company do to make the relation- ship work well? Stick with a brand/model based on past success, consistency, and reliability 22% “Stay in touch , listen, be professional, do Research specs and consider external opinions to make a decision 18% “Vendors who know our venue and our needs [and are] willing to work with us to achieve goals and outcomes.” Consult a trusted distributor/ retailer/consultant for recommendations 6% A combination of the above 47% what they promised, and be consistent.” “Good online and phone support.” “Returns phone calls promptly.” TG 500 Product Family Wireless system for smaller stage performances • Five different sets • Single receiver and dual receiver • Almost worldwide license free usable Distributed in Canada by: 1-866-320-9451 16 PROFESSIONAL SOUND | |