Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 15

AES Convention Sees Audio World Converge on NYC The AES 143 rd International Convention was held from Oct. 18–21, 2017 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. It hosted the year’s largest annual contingent of pro audio profes- sionals, students, and enthusiasts over four days of audio education, networking, and a dedi- cated pro audio gear and services exhibition. Additionally, being co-located with the NAB Show New York created an additional benefit, bringing in a more diverse attendee base to the education and networking event. Total registration eclipsed that of last year’s Los Angeles Convention. With 15,590 regis- trants, AES New York 2017 registrations were 24 per cent higher than final registration for AES LA 2016. Also, the technical program in New York drew over 40 per cent more All Access attendees than in Los Angeles last year, setting a new milestone. Conference highlights included the AESx Talks hosted by Alex Case, the Latin Producers Panel, the Audio for Cinema track sessions, and Princeton University Prof. Edgar Choueiri’s keynote on “Fooled by Audio.” Audio for video games, as well as for virtual and augmented reality, were significant focal points in the educational program and the Immersive Audio Super Saturday events featured binaural and large-scale multichannel audio demos and workshops. The AES will return to the Javits Center in 2018 as it celebrates its sFfW'6'vFFRCRFU2FW&F6fVFFp6R7Br##66FVBvvFFR"6rWr&f"&Rf&FvFwwrW2&rWfVG2C0G&66F7V&W0TBFV6vW0G&66Fw&W27V&V@'&G2g&VBFV6vW226VFr6RVrTr@'FVFFRWr6v&R6VBVBVF2BVB'FRWV7WFfW2bVBFV6vW2V7W&r6FVGvF&GV7BFRЧfVVBF7G&'WFBFR7Wǐ6'WBvFWr6FFV&Pw&wF7&72'&G266&FrFFR6( F2G&67F2FRf'7B7FW'&FW"7G&FVv2FV&R@w&rV6bW"62'&G2W '&BB&GV7B7G&FVvW2&Rw&VFǐV6VBvrf'v&B2V6v&Pv&rg&f7Fǒ&fVBf67G'V7GW&RBvF66W72Fw&wF6F( 62VB4T&w&f"&Rf&F6F7BT@VFC#RӃ"cSd#S3"ss3rwwrVGFV626$dU544TBP