Professional Sound - December 2017 - Page 10

SIGNALS Through partnerships with the Audio Engineering Society (AES), Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange (A3E), and the Entertain- ment Services and Technology Association (ESTA), The NAMM Show 2018 will be offering a significantly enhanced professional audio and production technologies education program from Jan. 25-28. As well, the newly expanded Anaheim Convention Center will offer a much larger selection of pro audio brands on the exhibition floor. The A3E Summit will feature a series of discussions dedicat- ed to the future of advanced audio applications and new music technologies. The 36 sessions feature case studies and expert panel discussions delving into the developments transforming the music and audio industries and cover topics including sensor technology for musical instruments, the future of MIDI, artificial intelligence, VR and AR for audio developers, machine learning, wearable technol- ogy, and more. The inaugural AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Stu- dio comprises a high-end education and training program targeted at professionals working in live sound, recording, and audio for the performing arts. AES@NAMM is fee-based, with limited seating secured through advance registration. The program will feature day-long training conducted by manufacturers of contemporary live sound consoles and studio DAWs, in addition to half-day line array loudspeaker system training. There will also be en \Z[Y[\[\[\[H[Z^][ۈYX][ۘ[[Y\[Y[˜\ܛHZ[[و\\KH[ٝ\KX\YXB\HY[ˈ[ۙY]]܈[[[Y\ؘH[H[HXX[Y[ Xܙ[XH\[ۈ\Y\[B]\^H[ݙ\YHY[H XH\[ۜ[Y[“YX\\[Y[[\[H[Z^][ۋHܘ[H[[Y\QTXX[\\[ܚ˂[\HZY[HوTK[Y[\[][X][ۜ[Y[ [[Y\XK[Y\[[\X\Yٙ\[ۘ[[X\H[\H[Z[\Y\[H[[ۈ[\ۛY[[H\Y\و\[ۜ[XˈHX[ۈ\[ۜ[X]\HX[]YY[Y[[[ X[ۂHSSH N[\YY\\›ۈ]Y[™\Yۙ\[\HZ\ܙX]]H\[[\[Y[][ۈ[\X[Y\[]HYXHۈ\XX[[X[Y[›XZ܈Y][H\˂H]ܘ[\\H[Y][ۈH]\وHPXœ\[ۜX\ۈY[XK[]Y[]x&\YH[BH\YX][ۈZ[[ˈ\HYX][ۘ[\[ۜ[ZHXH]H]SSHHYX][ۈ[\]H[ۈ[ZZ[K]Y^܈H[ZZ[H۝[[ۈ[\H۝[[ۈ[x&\]Pܝ[[\H˜ۛXY][^[[H^HوHSSH[\\H \[ H]XH[^X]ܜ[H&\\X\ق^[[ۋ[Y[]H[ Y[[Y[˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ˛[[Kܙ[[[\̌ N [U[YH[Y\\[[X[\\][ۘ[[\X[Y\[[YH\[[YH\[و\[[X[\\]]][ۘ[[\X[Y\܈Hٙ\[ۘ[U]\[ۋH\\Y]وܛ۝˂\HX[\XX[\ [X[\\[ YX\[\[\[Y\ܚ[][HU[[[\Y\ˈ[Y][ۋH\Z[Y\H[Y\X[Bܘ\\]YX][ۈ[Y[X[ۈ[Y][˂[X[\^\H\^]Y[ݙHX\[X[YX\\[\\Z[\™^\Y[H[[\ܝ[8&\ٙ\[ۘ[U]\[ۋو\X[\[Y[ [X[\^\8'H[HX[H^]Y[[\H]][ۘ[[\X[Y\܈UH]HYHY\[ 'B[X[\[HXXY\XH]\[ [X[\[ H[ L͌KL ^ K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X[U[YN L͌KL K][[ K][ KS8&TTSSPSTŒLёTSӐSS