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To place your ad contact us at: 905-374-9012, FAX 888-665-1307, Online at: CLASSIFIEDS DAW/Software • Supports/Demonstrates products like Nuendo Live/Cubase in live sound and music production in customer use cases • Related Apps such as Yamaha TF StageMix™ and Monitor Mix related to customer use cases EDUCATION Training for the Musical Trades Guitar Building & Repair Live Sound Recording Tube Amps C.N.C. Training Courses & Workshops Please go to about_yamaha/recruitment/index.html to see the full posting and to apply. Summit School of Guitar Building 6114 W. Island Hwy Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 2E2 1-888-901-9903 GEAR FOR SALE EMPLOYMENT Recording Studio Gear & Musical Instruments for Sale; Excellent Condition For the list, contact: Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. is seeking a Product Marketing Manager for Live Sound and Music Production Products. SELL SELL SELL As a Product Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for the outbound marketing activi- ties for your products, which include Yamaha Live Sound, Music Production, and related ac- cessory products. You will craft the messaging and positioning for products. You’ll conceive and develop innovative marketing programs that drive consumer and dealer demand. You are responsible for planning production, sales, and inventory for all products throughout their life-cycle. Attention to detail and an eye for quality, along with the ability to grasp and translate technical capabilities into benefits is crucial.  In your role as a Product Marketing Manager, you will be the expert in buyers/ customers, how they buy and their buying criteria, and will transfer that knowledge to the sales channel. PRODUCTS Product Lines: Live Sound • AG/MG/MGP Analogue Mixers/ Interfaces • TF/TF RACK TIO1608 Digital Mixers and Dante Networking • DBR/DXR/DSR Powered Speakers • Stagepas Portable PA • CBR Speakers • EMX Powered Mixers • PX Amplifiers • Related accessories – stands, covers, etc… Music Production • AG Interfaces • HS Studio Monitors • Studio Headphones 60 PROFESSIONAL SOUND LARGEST SELECTION OF SPEAKERS YOU HAVE SEEN! EMINENCE-BSA-MOTOROLA cruise ships, museums, interactive performing arts, and special events. If you work or have customers in the Live Events field, then you have to read this book! Order today at MUSIC BOOKS PLUS HUNT1 $54.97 plus s/h & tax 800-265-8481 CELESTION - EMINENCE - B&C RADIAN - GOLDWOOD Case and enclosure hardware, connectors and speaker accessories too! Upgrade, repair or build your own pro sound or guitar rig and save. WE STOCK SPEAKERS and related parts for musical instrument, pro sound, home stereo, home theater, com- mercial sound, and for just about everything else in between. Get them from Canada’s only factory authorized distributor. Dealer inquiries welcome. Q-COMPONENTS 638 Colby Dr. Waterloo, ON N2V 1A2 Toll free: 1-800-363-6336 Over 150,000 speakers in stock. Speakers, crossovers, terminals, wires, connectors, cabinet hardware and much more. ACCUSONIC CORPORATION Toll free: 1-866-323-4625 905-940-3602 ww ܹͽ)M܁9ݽɭ́ ɽMѕ)Q́ѕɕ٥͕ɕɝ镐)ѕѥՑ́ɔѡ)́镹́Ʌ܁Ʌ̰)ݥѠɅѥ䁕ٕɅ͡)ݽɭѕ䁅ɕ͠ɕݽɱ)ᅵ̸Ʌݥ́ѕͥٔɤ)ѡɽѡȁ))!չѥѽɱ䁕ٕ́ѡѡ)́ѡ͍́ͥѡ)́Ѽɥ٥ͥ́Ѽɕ)ݽɱ͕ѥ̸)Q́Ѡᅵѥ)ѡɽݽɭѕ͕)ѥ͕̰ͽչх䰁)ɽ̰̰ɽѕ́)̰ѡɭ̰ѡɔѡɕх)] M%QL)5UM% ==-LA1ULL)ܹ̹ͥ)eȁѽɕͽɍȁ̰Սѥ)Y̰ I=5Lхݹٕ́ɥ)AɼՑIɑ1ٔMչ1ѥ)MхM䰁ɔQͥєɕ)ٕȀ԰ѥѱ́Ցѕͥٔمɤ)䁽܁ɽՍ̸)ܹ̹ͥ́ѥ镐)ȁɽ͕̰ɥ͕ͅɔ͡)ɥ́͡ݽɱݥ)=91d ݽɐ