Professional Sound - August 2017 - Page 44

PRODUCTS M-Audio BX-D3 Series Studio Monitors M-Audio has introduced the BX5-D3 and BX8-D3 studio reference monitors, featuring Kevlar woofers, treated silk dome tweeters, and onboard class-AB bi-amplification. The new BX-D3 range also features XLR balanced and 1/4-in. balanced/unbalanced inputs for connecting a range of different studio gear, a computer-optimized tweeter waveguide for enhanced imaging, low-end response controls to allow for placement near walls, and an onboard volume control. What separates the two ported monitors is amplifier power, driver size, and frequency re- sponse. The smaller of the two, the BX5-D3, has a 100-W amp driving a 5-in. LF driver and 1-in. tweeter with a quoted frequency response of 52 Hz to 35 kHz. The BX8-D3 has a larger 150-W amp that drives an 8-in. woofer and 1.25-in. tweeter. This larger model has a quoted response of 37 Hz up to 22 kHz. For more information, contact inMusic Canada: 877-981-9910, FAX 581-981-9913,, IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console Software IK Multimedia has updated its Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac/PC and iOS devices with more processing power. The software was born of a collaboration between IK Multimedia and Grammy-winning engineers Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen. The Lurssen Mastering Console plug-in can be inserted in mono, stereo, and multi-channel tracks and busses in any compatible DAW as both a mastering and mixing tool. The new mono operation allows users to use the plug-in on mono tracks in regular mixing sessions or stereo busses for stem mixing or mastering duties, but it can also be used on 5.1 or even larger surround projects, depending on the DAW. The new update improves the sound quality by retaining the nuances of the original analog mastering chain while simultaneously removing the intrinsic noise of the hardware machines. For more information, contact Hal Leonard: 414-774-3630, FAX 414-774-3259,, Earthworks CTF Tabletop Gooseneck Microphones Earthworks has introduced the CTF tabletop gooseneck microphones with an integrated base designed for conferencing and speech applications. This integrated solution provides the flexibility of temporarily placing the microphone on a table for ad hoc meeting spaces or permanently affixing it to a surface. Featuring a flat frequency response and near-perfect cardioid polar pattern, the CTF microphones deliver hi  ΝΑ•• ₯ΉΡ•±±₯₯‰₯±₯Ρ䁅ΉΙ•±₯…‰±”½Ω•Ι…”™½ΘΝΑ•…­•ΙΜΈIΝ‘₯•±‘₯Ήœ₯́₯Ή½ΙΑ½Ι…Ρ•₯ΉΡΌΡ‘”΅₯Ι½Α‘½Ή—ŠeΜ)•±•ΡΙ½Ή₯Œ‘•Ν₯ΈΡΌΑΙ•Ω•ΉΠ₯ΉΡ•Ι™•Ι•Ή”™Ι½΄•±°Α‘½Ή•Μ…Ή½Ρ‘•Θ•±•ΡΙ½Ή₯Œ‘•Ω₯•ΜΈ)Q‘”±½άΑΙ½™₯±”‰…Ν”΅•…ΝΥɕ̀иā₯ΈΈ₯Έ‘₯…΅•Ρ•Θ…Ή½΅•Μέ₯Ρ „€Δΐ΅™ΠΈ…‰±”έ₯Ρ a1H΄Ν4…ΡΡ…‘•°έ‘₯ )₯́‘•Ν₯Ή•ΡΌ•α₯Ё™Ι½΄Ρ‘”Ν₯‘”½Θ‰½ΡΡ½΄½˜Ρ‘”΅₯Ι½Α‘½Ή”‰…Ν”Έ)½Θ΅½Ι”₯Ή™½Ι΅…Ρ₯½Έ°½ΉΡ…Π…ΙΡ‘έ½Ι­Μθ€ΨΐΜ΄ΨΤΠ΄ΘΠΜΜ°`€ΨΐΜ΄ΨΤΠ΄ΨΔΐά°₯Ή™½•…ΙΡ‘έ½Ι­Ν…Υ‘₯ΌΉ½΄°)έέάΉ•…ΙΡ‘έ½Ι­Ν…Υ‘₯ΌΉ½΄Έ(ΠЁAI=MM%=90M=U9