Professional Sound - August 2017 - Page 35

STUDIO G former colleagues at Steve’s Music, who Chambers says “really believed in what [he] was doing.” That’s largely because there wasn’t really anything like what he was proposing in the area. “The mind- set in Montreal at the time seemed to be that if you put really good equipment in these studios, it was going to get wrecked,” Chambers offers. “But to me, it was, if you want a pro clientele, you have to have pro-level gear, and up-and-comers would be thrilled to play on that kind of gear, so I knew I could find a balance.” And that’s exactly what he did. Studio Base Bin made a big impression off the bat, with the city’s music community embracing the busi- ness and its founder, who many recognized from his time at Steve’s and his live performances. After a few years, Base Bin moved to its second location, still in the same area of the Plateau, and enjoyed a successful run nearly two decades long. “During that time, I was still playing live from time to time with [popular pop-rock band] Sky, when Karl Wolf was the lead singer there, and then starting playing with Karl solo while still running the studios,” Chambers recalls; however, the studios were soon taking up so much of his time that he had to put performing live on ice for some time. “We had a great run there on Saint Laurent with s 䁉)́ѡɽ՝tѡ͕̰ѥѡ́EՕ)1ѥ ɽQ ȁ ɽѡ̰ѽȁM͔)ɕЁ̸)%ѥѼѡɕͅՑ̰ ́݅́ͼȴ)ѥɕɑՑЁѡɅѥݥѠ)䁽ѥ́́ͽɥѕȰɽՍȰȸQ)MQU%< M %8(ԁɽѕ)5ɕE 4(дĴ)ܹՑ͕)́ݥѠݡéݽɭѡ͔ɽٕ͔́́)ɕͥٔՑѡ́MAɕQѕȰ)ͽ5а䁽ѡ̸)%а́ѕЁɅѥ́ݥѠٽЁ Ʌ)ɹ)U9<ѥݡЁɔ͡Ёݸ)MՑ ͔ éMЁ1ɕЁѥѕѕ)Ёٔ)=UP%8I=9Q9 )%ݡЁ͕݅́ѥ䁅݅ɕ͔ɽѕMɕ)ѡɥȁɡ͡ݥ́ɕЁ̰) ́ͅ܁ѡɔ̸́ͥ!͡ɕ́)ݥѠɥѡЁɽ՝ѡа+qٕѡݔݥѠɕЁ䳊tѡ̸͕+qMٕձ䵕եɕͅՑ́́ɕɑɽ)ɽɕɽ酹ȁ٥ѥեїt)Qɗéٕ͵ѥՔѹ͡ݥѠյ)ɕхȁ5ͥՔ5)Qٕͥɽ́ѕ)ݼ啅̃Lѥȁ ̰)ͥɥٕ́݅́ͥ)ѡq%Ё݅́ɽ́ݥѠ)ЁɕхЁѽt)ɕ̰她ѡЁ)ѡѡȁͥЁqЁ)ѥݔݕɔѡЁЁЁ)Ёх啐ѡЁչѥѡ݅)хѕt)MՉ͕Օѱ䰁ѡͥѡ)ѡٕȁɥЁQӊe)ɝЁՔѼѡɥѥ)ݡٕѡ̰ͥ)ՑQX͕ȁI)Q ɽ ϊdͥ́ѹ)5 ѥфiQݡ)չɅѕѡե) ͕́́ͥ́Ёɔ)ѡɥܰЁ)յȁѥم͕ͽ5ɕ+q%ӊé ɥѵ̰ѡ́ѥ)啅ȳt̰ͅѼAɽͥ)I =I%9 =9QI=0I==4)Mչѕȁ܁ѡ́Ʌѥ)AI=MM%=90M=U9