Professional Sound - August 2017 - Page 28

Digico SD12 & Midas Pro 2 consoles at FOH Using an Outline PA was not the first choice for Matt Blakely, Billy Talent’s long-time front of house engineer and pro- duction manager. He is a self-professed “L-Acoustics guy” and typically pretty strict about getting the PA he wants, which is a K2. So when Brian Bates said he wanted him to give the Out- line a try on this high-profile show, Blakely had his reservations. Despite that, he adds, “I’m always a big fan of trying stuff out and maybe it’s the best thing in the world? I don’t know and you never know until you try.” Sitting down with Blakely in the band’s dressing room after line and sound check, he gives his first impressions. “I didn’t do any EQ at all, I think, today. I think we worked on the time a little bit with the subs and just changed the arc pattern a little bit. Between the mains and the side hangs and the front fill, that mid-to-HF frequency response seems to be very linear between the products, which is cool and I love that about L-Acoustics and like it with d&b and with Adamson. You find that those things, all those new brands, it all s չ́ɕ)͔t̸ͅq$ѽ̸́$䁅ٕɅܰ͡ݥѠ)ٽ́'eͅ䁄Ր͡܁̀ё ȀՑ Ёݥѡ)ٽ́ӊéɽչāȀȸQЁ́ѡݡ)ݗeɔЁӊéѡɔٕѡ݅́ѡกQ)ܵͅЁɕݕɕ䁙ЁѡÁȁ)ݡЁ$ͅ܁ѡ1ՙ$eЁЁ́)ЁЁeЁѡɕѥлt+qQЁ́гt ѕ́ɕ́ݡɕ啐 e)ͥѥٔѡ՝́ѕȁͽչq'eٔݸ5Ё )ȁЁ啅́éѽɥͱ䁱Րȸ$ѽ)ݡЁ$݅ѕѼݡЁѡ٥̰ͥ݅ɵ䁡e)ͅ她a9$݅Ёѡ́Ʌ$ݽeЁѡ͔d)Ёݕаae'eѕѼͽѡ͔ԁՅɅѕ)̀İȁлd5Ё́ɽͥݽɱݥѽɥ)ȁѡ՝ݗeٔݸѡȁȁѥ)ѡЁͻeЁéѼٔɕ̸!éa'e)ݸѡ䁉ɔѼȁгdé䁍Ȼt)Ё= ݅́х5́Aɼȁ)ͽݡMȁ݅́ɽ٥ȁѡЁ̸+q'eɔٕ役́ͅаЁ$ɽٕѡٕ)݅丁$݅́䁙ɕٕȳt́ͅ 䁽́)屔q)Ёɕхɐ̸'eЁѡɅ)ɕ䰁Չ́յ̸$͔Ёщɐ)ȰЁ́ѡЁ$ٔ$ѡЁɕ䁵́ѡ(AI=MM%=90M=U9)=ѱ LȁՉݽ́ЁɽЁх(0H)ɑ5ɔ5 谁MՅЁم̰5Mѕ݅а)$$) ѕ̰ ɥ ѕ̀!э)= ȁ5Ё