Professional Sound - August 2017 - Page 24

PRODUCT TESTS Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube Equalizer By Adam Gallant W arm Audio has been provid- ing pro and home studios with affordable hardware solutions since the com- pany officially launched in 2011. Warm Audio’s competitive advantage is its ability to produce quality equipment at an impressively low price point. With a focus on cloning the most widely used hardware processors and microphones (such as a 1176 compressor, LA-2A com- pressor, U87 microphone, and others), Warm Audio has made incredible strides in the last six years and has quickly become a familiar name among audio professionals around the globe. Up for review is Warm Audio’s revered 2015 release, the EQP-WA. This EQ is a faithful reproduction of one of the most iconic tools in recording history, the Pultec EQP-1A, and I’ll say now that Warm Audio did a marvelous job modelling and modify- ing the classic Pultec design. Out of the Box Overall, the 2 U rack-mountable unit has an impressive build quality. The front panel is robust, the finish has a very nice gloss, and the colour is elegant. It’s identifiable as a Warm product with an obviously Pultec- style layout. The knobs are stepped and of top quality. There is nothing perceivably “cheap” about this unit (aside from its price). The EQP-WA is not as deep as a traditional Pultec, measuring in at 19 x 3.5 x 6 in. All of the controls are clearly visible and easy to handle. As an engineer who is used to a 500-series rack crammed with knobs, the added real estate of the 2 U size was a welcome benefit during operation. 24 PROFESSIONAL SOUND Inside the Box The EQP-WA uses premium-grade input and output CineMag USA transformers and oper- ates on two tubes: one 12AX7 and one 12AU7. Tung-Sol brand tubes are used and sit under shielded covers with springs. I suspect we’ll hear of users modding these EQs since there is little risk with such a reasonably priced unit. The internal components are well shielded and immaculately clean in their layout. For connectivity, we have XLR ins and outs as w )́QIĹ́ѡͼݔٔ)ݥэԼٽЁ% ݕȁи)%=Ʌѥ)QЁյЁ$Ʌѡɽ՝ѡ])݅́٥хͽѥݥѠȴ)ѡɥ̸$݅́ͥ-)ѼA$ɌѼѡ]ѼI5)ѕə$݅́ȁ́ɕհѥ)ݥѠѡ́չЁѡ$ݽձEݥѠ)ͽ݅ɔAձѕA͡ԁ!聅ѥ(!聱Ѽɕ͕Ёȵɽ͠)ɕѥѡɥ́ݥѠ)Ʌѕȁѡ܁̸)ɔѡЁ]ɴՑѡ)́ЁѥٔѼѡɥAձѕͥ)ѡɕѥɕՕ䁉́ѡ)!踁Q́́ѡ)չЁѡɔٕͅѥȁܵɽ)ɕ́ѕչѕɕݥѠѥ)յ́ȁٽ́ՙɥɽѽ)Սɽ᥵䁕Ёɽ幅)ɥɽ)ɥ͕̰ͥ$չ͕)չȁմIȀȤ)ѡɽ՝ѡ]ݥѠɕЁɕձ̸5䁝Ѽ)ɕѵЁȁѡЁ́ѼɕՍѡ)Ʌ!踁Q́D́əѱ)եѕȁѡ́ͅ)չЁͅɅѥ)]ٕ́AեQٕ́ȁѕ)́ЁѡՑ%ӊéѼͽ݅ɔͽԴ)ѥȁɵѕЁɽ́)กQݼE@]́ɔѕɽѡ)ɽ!٥ɑ݅ɔЁ䁙ѥ)́݅́ѱɔ፥ѥɥ)ݡ᥹ȁѡѕȁ́)əЁɔȁ役Ѽ)ͽɵȁѡqեt)Ёѡ́屔D́ݸȸ)1ѡAձѕѡD͕ѥѡ)]́ͅMѥ͕́ѡɽ՝)Չ́Ʌ͙ɵ́ȁ݅ɵа)ٕݡѡD͕́ ͥ)ѡɕѵ́́݅́)Ё䁑ͥɽ́ݡ)ɕͥEͼӊéɕЁѼ͕)ѡЁɹ́ݕɔЁɔ)Mյ)QE@]ѡ]ɴՑ)ɽՍ̰́չɕѕمՔQ)D́Ʌȁȁ役ȁ)ɑ݅ɔͽѥѡЁ́ѡȁ)͔͔ѡЁAձѕ́ɔɕݹȸ)Qɔ́՝Ѽɽٔͽɍ)ͽչ́ݥѠѡ́չиٕ͕)́ݡѕٕȁ͕ͥ)ѡɽ՝иQ́չЁ́ݽѡ䁥ٕѵ)䁵хɑ̰ѕȁѡɽ՝)ѕѥа'eЁݽɥѡѕ)Ё]ɴՑЁ́ɍЁ)ɕͽɥѽ)Ё́ݽɭ́)хՑɽՍѥɽͥͥѥ)ѼѥЁՑȁѕ٥ͥ) !ɕѱ䁽ݹ́Ʌѕ́Q!)MչMՑ ɱѕѽݸA