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PROFILE DAVID MOHACSI By Andrew King to engineer,” he admits. “If you want to learn fast in this business, give live sound a try. There’s no better way to learn how to troubleshoot prob- lems, because if you can’t fix it, there’s no show.” Having returned to Canada, another band breakup pushed Mohacsi to finally follow his dream of working in a recording studio for a living. That’s when he enrolled at Metalworks, and needless to say, it paid off. A few months after graduation in 2009, the school called him saying that Brown (Three Days Grace, Billy Talent) and his engineer, Lenny De Rose (Alice Cooper, Motley Crue), needed an intern for an upcoming session and he’d been recommended. “My first day working with them, I learned more than I had in all the time since I first started making demo tapes in my parents’ basement,” Mohacsi says. “I started out grab- bing coffee and doing food runs, but quickly graduated to being Gavin’s Pro Tools specialist, and eventually taking on engineering and additional production duties.” Working with the pair consistently over the better part of the past decade, Mohacsi has collaborated with a long and diverse list of artists, including The Tragically Hip, Three Days Grace, Metric, Barenaked Ladies, Mother Mother, Sarah Harmer, and dozens more. To call his position working with one of the top producers in the country enviable would be an understatement. “Getting to make a Tragically Hip record is up there as far as career highlights,” he shares, having worked on the band’s 12 th studio Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief of Professional Sound. 20 PROFESSIONAL SOUND album, Now for Plan A. “I was a huge Hip fan growing up, and I’ll never forget the first time in the studio with them. We cut beds live off the floor, and as soon as they started playing, it just sounded like classic Hip.” Another professional highlight was doing orchestral arrangements for an upcoming record by Carvin Winan. “I do orchestral stuff for any of our productions that need it, but I usually just write the parts and load up my best orchestral sounds and do it all with MIDI,” he shares. “For this record, though – a stripped- down R&B record – we needed a real orchestra, and there isn’t much in this world more thrilling than hearing an orchestra play music that you wrote.” Mohacsi still calls Eto- bicoke home, residing with his wife, Candice, and their dogs. He praises his wife for her ongoing support, noting that studio work is “more than a full-time job; it’s a lifestyle, and it’s all-en- compassing.” That means he doesn’t get a lot of free time, and when he does, it’s often spent doing something still related to music. He’s also a self-admitted “huge, fanatic, devoted fan of Star Wars,” typi- cally asking bands to list him as “Pro Tools Sith Lord” in album credits. In May 2017, he and his brother travelled to Orlando to attend Star Wars Celebration with about 75,000 other “insane and amazing people.” He calls being in the room for the world premiere of the Last Jedi trailer a “big bucket list item.” While he’s hoping to start focusing on some of his own productions, for the time being, Mohacsi is busy with a varied list of projects, including upcoming records from rock outfit One Bad Son, Mediterranean gui- tarist Pavlo, a pop-oriented record with the jazzy Jill Barber, quirky electro-pop duo U.S.S., and hard rock mainstays Three Days Grace, to name just a few. That fateful first day of working with Brown and De Rose has led to countless career highlights and album credits with some of the biggest players in the Canadian music industry, and needless to say, he’s taken full advantage of the opportunity. T here were two main reasons behind David Mohacsi’s decision to study recording at Mississauga, ON’s Metalworks Institute. The first was learning Pro Tools from a school that specializes in the popular application; the second was its affiliation with the iconic and adjacent Metalworks Studios. “I figured I might ge ЁѼݽɬݥѠͽ)́ѡ ͍ͥt5)ͤ͡ɕ́Ё́ɕͽq$Ёѡ)ѥɔ啅ȁݽɭѼɕٕ́役$)ɽ́ͽ́Ս)ݱ́ͥt)AЁͥ䰁́)ݽɭݽ̰͔)ѡ啅́ͥ́ɅԴ)ѥ5ͤ́ɹ)ɕ́յ́ͽ)ѡЁ́Ѽٕ)݅ѡɽ՝ѡ́)5хݽɭ̃Lȁ䁽ѡ)ѽѥȁ ՑL)ѡ́Ѽд)͡ݥѠ5̵ѽՍ)ɽՍȁ٥ ɽݸ)5ͤ݅́ɸ)Ʌ͕ѽ=8!)ɹ䁥ͥݥѠ)ͽ́Ёٔ)ѡ՝Ʌ͍)͡ѕ́́ѼѡɥЁ̸%Ё݅)啅́ѕȰѡ՝ݡ她مɥ)չͭ́ɥ́е͕)啅̰ѡЁ5ͤЁɥѕݥѠ)ɕɑ+q]ձٕȁɐѼɕɐͼ$)ɕЁ܁Ѽ՜ѡЁ)ɅѥAѼѡͽչɐ䁍)ѕȁɕɐɅѼ])MչIɑȸQӊé܁$䁉e)ЁхЁͽЁɕ܁ɽѡɔt)ɕ̸)5ͤЁɥѥѡ)ЁݥѠȵɅɕɑȁѡ)ѥՅѕݥѠѡх)ͥɱٕͥ ݅)ݥɕ́ɱ̰)5ͤչ͕٥MѠ ɽ)ȁѡɕ啅̸]ѡɔ)ٔͽչЁȁȰݥѡ)܁ѡ́ͽչ݅)ݽɭ͕ٕ́ݕQЁѼͽ)ѥم́ݥѠͽչ+qQ́݅́ɕݡɔ$хѕѼɸ