Professional Sound - August 2017 - Page 16

SIGNALS Professional Sound surveyed audio professionals about their experience and opinions on working with non-audio professionals on creative projects. For the complete results, visit 46% LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Do you primarily work in: 15% Recording studios 12% Post-production/broadcast 19% Installs & design 4% Other The vast majority either often (58%) or sometimes (38%) work with non-audio professionals on projects 50% 58% Unrealistic expectations is the most common obstacle for half of respondents when working with non-audio pros. 31% say it’s their inability to explain what they want (23%) say creative people understand and appreciate their work almost always, while 35% say most of the time 23% New Music Books Plus Mobile App Now Available The brand new Music Books Plus Mobile app is available for iOS and Android. It’s free to download, simple to use, and offers the same selec- tion of titles and service as App customers can browse, order, and ship anywhere easily and conve- niently, no matter what type of device they shop from. The free app can be found by searching “Music Books Plus Mobile” in the Apple and Google Play stores. For more information, go to www.musicbooksplus. com/app. 16 PROFESSIONAL SOUND In your experience on creative projects, what are the key things you need to do or keep in mind when working with non-audio professionals to make the relationship productive and enjoyable? “It’s not always my opinion that matters, which, as a professional trying to do your best when you’re told not to, can be frustrating and often leaves you ex- tremely despondent when it comes to show time.” “In working mostly with mu- sicians, it’s most important to remember the sound person provides a service and is a tool for achieving a Working With Non-Audio Pros Survey satisfactory musical result for the musician(s).” “Reinforce the team ap- proach, making certain that decisions being made take into account the problems and cost benefits of doing it right. It’s getting everyone to focus on the result [and] taking out as much ego as possible.” “Ask open-ended questions that cause them to see what they don’t see.” “Explain the technical reasons why we do things in plain En- glish. Do a quick cost benefit analysis to ѡЁݔ)݅Ё́Ѽͽչ)ѡѼt)MQչ́9)ݥѠ954)ȀM)QѕхЁM٥́)QͽѥMQ)չݥѠѡ9)ѥͽѥ5ͥ5ɍ(954ѼݽɬݥѠѡ)Q954M܁ѼՑ)́ѡٕٔЁѕ䁍չ)Q́չ݅́ͥѡѥ܁ե)Ёѡ ٕѥ ѕȰݡɔQ954M܁ٕ́))Յ丁Qѥݥ܁ѡѥѼȁѡٕ)ѕ䁥䁄ٕ͔͡܁ȰɔɽЁɽͥՍ)ѥ͕ɥ́ɕمЁݽɭ̸ٕ)!ѡٕѥɔݥɅ͙ɵѼɽ)٥ɽаȁ͡ݍͥѥɥхɽՍ)͕٥̸AɽٕͥЁչѥ̰́٥͕MQ)ݥȁɕȵѽ́Սѥ͕ͥ́ͥȁѠ)х͡ɝѕхЁѕɽ̸ͥQ)ٕѥɗéɕݥɽ٥̵չѥ́Ѽ)ٔѼЁѕхЁѕ)ȁɔɵѥѼܹфɜ