Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 55

Renkus-Heinz ICONYX IC8-HD, IC Live X & IC Live XL Steerable Arrays Digico 4REA4 Installed Audio Solution Digico has introduced the 4REA4 installed audio solution, which is designed to meet the expanding performance requirements of large entertainment venues, houses of worship, theatres, and shared stages at festivals and music venues. At the heart of the system is the 4REA4 processing engine with Digico connectivity options and 4REA4 control software, providing routing, processing, and mix control that allows the performance area to expand across an installation. The 4REA4 processing engine rack has four dedicated mix areas, or zones, each with its own stereo master output, CGs, and allocated FX. With an available 128 input channels and 48 buss output processing strips, users can independently allocate processing to whichever area as required. For more information, contact GerrAudio Distribution: 613-342-6999, FAX 613-342-8499,, Renkus-Heinz has expanded the ICONYX series of digitally-steerable column arrays with the introduction of the IC8-HD, IC Live X, and IC Live XL. The IC8-HD is the company’s highest-definition array to date, while the IC Live X and IC Live XL deliver higher SPL than the current IC Live offerings. As with other ICONYX series arrays, the new models deliver digital beam-steering technology that aims the sound at the audience and away from walls and ceilings. The IC8-HD combines precise beam steer- ing with 32 discrete amplifier/DSP channels to control its 24 high-frequency drivers and eight 4-in. low-mid woofers. The IC8-HD is compatible with all ICONYX Gen5 modules. The IC Live X features two individually con- trolled and amplified 8-in. woofers and six 1-in. high-frequency compression drivers. Its com- pact cabinet can be mounted on a tripod stand, pole-mounted above a subwoofer, or installed in tall, continuous arrays. Presets allow for point-source use, with software-adjustable vertical cover- age angles. The IC Live XL employs four 8-in. woofers. For more information, reach Contact Distribution: 416-287-1144, FAX 416-287-1204,, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 55