Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 54

PRODUCTS TASCAM ML-32D & ML-16D Multichannel Interfaces TASCAM has released the ML-32D and ML-16D multichannel line level-to-Dante and Dante-to-line level interfaces. The ML-32D and ML-16D allow audio engineers and systems integrators to quickly connect 32 or 16 channels of audio between the analog domain and Dante-enabled digital components, including the TASCAM DA-6400, SS-R250N, and SS-CDR250 multichannel audio recorders. The ML-32D and ML-16D deliver pure Dante connectivity, without unnecessary features like mid-level microphone preamps, MADI, and S/ PDIF interfaces, and other functions that add cost and complexity. Supporting digital audio at up to 24-bit/96 kHz, both units feature analog line level I/O via D-Sub connectors (eight on the ML-32D and four on the ML-16D) and feature front panel LED meters to display both signal level and overload for each active channel. For more information, contact Erikson Audio: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055,, Olympus LS-P4 Linear PCM Recorder Olympus has released the LS-P4 linear PCM recorder, which captures professional-quality audio for video, music re- cordings, interviews, and a variety of other use cases. The LS-P4’s metal body is small enough to fit in a pocket while its technology allows for high resolution sound recording. The LS-P4 features the Tresmic three- microphone system that includes both directional and omnidirectional mi- crophones to accurately capture a wide frequency range, offering expanded frequency response, in-stereo sound, and better-than-CD linear PCM 96 kHz/24-bit format. New to the LS series is the opportunity to now record and play FLAC format up to 96 kHz/24-bit with the LS-P4. The LS-P4 also offers a built-in hi-res music player, Bl Y]ۛX]]K[[Y]XH[ܛX[^][ۋ\YB[٘YH]XH[ݙ\X[˜[Y][\XHXHHXܙ\Y[B[]]HYY܈H\]\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X[\\΂ L KM͍ܙ\[\\˘K˙][\\˘KMёTSӐSS