Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 52

PRODUCTS BAE Audio PDIS Passive Direct Injection Stereo Box BAE Audio has released the PDIS (passive direct injection stereo box), based on the single-channel PDI. Like the mono PDI, the PDIS uses an OEP/Carnhill transformer to imbue any signal passed through it with a warmth and analog richness. The PDIS meets the needs of users who require two channels of smooth direct analog injection in one box, making it an ideal solution for direct recording of stereo sources. The PDIS features Neutrik connectors, including 1/4-in. inputs and low- impedance XLR outputs for each channel on one side. It also includes a pair of through outputs for each channel on the reverse side. This feature allows for unique routing configurations, such as sending a keyboard signal both via the Lo-Z outputs to the console as well as via the quad Hi-Z through outputs to two separate amplifiers or effects chains. Dual ground lift switches help navigate any noise issues caused by grounding. BAE says the OEP/Carnhill transformers are a main ingredient in its overall musicality. For more information, contact BAE Audio: 818-784-2046, FAX 818-784-0750, 52 PROFESSIONAL SOUND