Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 50

PRODUCTS Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Monitor & Headphone Calibration Software Sonarworks has released the Reference 4 studio monitor and headphone calibra- tion software, compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems. The latest update includes average calibration profiles for 13 new headphones, bringing the total to 114 headphone models altogether. The new headphone calibrations include popular professional models from AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Sony, Bowers & Wilikins, and others. Sonarworks’ Reference 4 solution works equally well in both studio rooms and on headphones. After an acoustic analysis of any given room or applying a pre-set measurement profile for headphones, the software employs a DSP-based filtering scheme using up to 4,000 points of correction with the end result being a flat studio reference sound. According to the company, the software works from virtually any location in the studio or on 114 headphone models, automatically compensating for tonal anomalies across the entire frequency range. For more information, contact Music Marketing: 416-789-7100, FAX 416-789-1667,, VUE al-12SB Flyable Subwoofer VUE has introduced the latest addition to its al-12 line array: the al-12SB flyable subwoofer. Designed for seamless integration with VUE’s flagship line array, the al-12SB expands the al-12’s versatility by delivering well-defined low-frequency reproduction to below 35 Hz. The al-12SB’s flyable enclosure features versatile rigging options for suspension above or behind al-12 arrays in a variety of configurations, including cardioid arrangements. The al-12SB can also func- tion as the base of a ground-stacked al-12 array, or as a stand-alone subwoofer array in a variety of flown or ground-stacked configurations. The driver complement includes a pair of new 18-in. transducers designed specifically for use in the al-12SB. It also features a large neodymium magnet structure with 5-in. diameter voice coils for high power handling and reduced power compression. The al-12SB enclosure is exactly the same height and width as two al-12 line array elements for aesthetically seamless integration. For more information, contact VUE Audiotechnik: 760-520-1069, FAX 760-520-1101,, Adam T Series Nearfield Studio Monitors Adam Audio has introduced the T Series of accessibly-priced two-way nearfield studio monitors for audio recording and production professionals. The German- engineered T Series monitors share many of the design characteristics created for Adam’s S Series flagship monitor range. The T Series includes two models: the 5-in. woofer T5V and the 7-in. woofer T7V. The T Series features Adam’s U-ART Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter along with a newly-desi ۙY\[[H[[Y]X[ Y^\[ۈٙ\]^[\\\]Y[Y\]\\ܝ[ۋ][\HXX[X]\\\YۙY܂H\Y\[V\Y\]HY[[YY[\\XY[ۚ]܈[K[Y[Y[x&\Y\]Y[HY][ۈ\[H KXZY[\Bۜ\[ܚ^۝[[\X[\\[ۈXܛH\]Y[HX[K\[\[ݘ][ۜ܈Hܛݙ\\[H[\[\YY\\[\˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X[][X][ۜ[YN MN NL V MN LL [\[YKK˚[YKKLёTSӐSS