Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 47

Wisycom MPR52-ENG Receiver Wisycom has released the MPR52-ENG wireless receiver. The MPR52-ENG features two built-in diversity receivers with both analog and digital outputs. With up to 790 MHz bandwidth in the 470/1260 MHz range, the MPR52-ENG features next-generation multiband front-end filtering. The software-selectable wideband and narrowband DSP-FM operation gives users options based on their project needs. The MPR52-ENG features a low-noise Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with ultrafast spectrum scanning for a quicker and simpler setup. The automatic scan and transmitter programming works via infrared technology. The receiver is DSP-based for flexibility and multi-companding operations. It can be monitored and controlled through USB and Wisycom Manager 2.0 software, which transforms the MPR52-ENG into a low noise portable spectrum scanner. For more information, contact Wisycom: +39-0424-382605,, d&b audiotechnik DS100 Signal Engine d&b audiotechnik has released the DS100 signal engine, a spe- cialized rack-mount 3 RU audio processor with Audinate Dante networking. The DS100 provides a 64 x 64 audio matrix with level and delay adjustments at all cross points. The comprehensive input processing provides gain, EQ, delay, and polarity switches, enabling the user to combine all types of input signals to create a mix from a wide variety of sources. Extended processing capabilities are also provided on every output. Additional software modules provide dynamic object-based positioning and emulated acoustics functions. The DS100 is a versatile tool for use within complex audio systems to route and distribute multiple audio channels to numerous amplifiers driving loudspeaker positions and zones, show relay, and break out rooms. The networking capabilities with a Dante-enabled processor are significant, particularly for busy, multi-room complexes. For more information, contact d&b audiotechnik Canada: 418-843-2410, FAX 828-681-5405,, Danley OS-12CX Outdoor Wide Coverage Loudspeaker Danley Sound Labs has introduced the OS-12CX fully weatherized, wide coverage loudspeaker. Like the OS-80 and OS-90 loudspeakers, the OS-12CX is built to withstand extreme rain, heat, and freeze/thaw cycles while maintaining its peak performance. The OS-12CX uses Danley’s Synergy crossover design, Sentinel limiter protection circuitry, and stainless steel mounting hardware that is prepared to brace the OS-12CX against the worst conditions. The 40-lb. OS-12CX is designed to be a compact but powerful box for smaller outdoor installations like small- to mid-sized sports venues, water parks, and cruise ships, as well as for larger distributed outdoor installations or as fill for end-fired systems. Its 90-degree coverage pattern drops off with Danley’s characteristic steepness, and all the sound within the beam is designed to be even, flat, and ideally phased. The OS-12CX boasts a frequency response that is +/-3dB from 69 Hz to 21.7 kHz using one 12-in. coaxial driver. It is rated at 400-W continuous and 1,600-W peak and is capable of delivering 121dB SPL continuous and 127dB SPL peak. Its dimensions are approximately 30 in. tall by 26 in. wide by 11 in. deep. For more information, contact Danley Sound Labs: 770-535-0204, FAX 678-928-4010, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 47