Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 46

PRODUCTS Apple Logic Pro X 10.4 Music Production Software Apple has released Logic Pro X version 10.4, the latest update to its profes- sional music production software. Included in Logic Pro X 10.4 is Smart Tempo, a new advanced tempo detec- tion technology that automatically manages tempo across all the content in a project. It gives users the freedom to record naturally without a metronome or click track, but still have their performance stay in sync with any other tempo- based content or features in a project. For new effects plug-ins, the ChromaVerb algorithmic reverb plug-in has a colourful interactive interface that allows users to add space and depth to tracks and simulate a wide range of acoustic spaces. Vintage EQ features three plug-ins modelled after some وH[YY\\\HT\HH NML NMˈ]\H]][KYYX]Y\] [ [\[H[Z]\\[[\ˈ\Y]ZX[ݙ[Y[[HXH\[[[\YX[[\[[\\]Y[\۝X]Y[ݙ\[YK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X\H[YN˘\KKKX\]\[^PV]ܝXHX\X•X]Y[]]\[^X\X\[X\Y]PVܝXHX\XX]Y[]ˈHPV] ܝ[܈[ؚ[KXܜ]K[8'V[Xx'JH[\\XۋBY\H[[HZ\XH܈HYH\Y]Hو\X][ۜˈYHXY\\B\[H]Z[XNHPV Y]PV [X\PV]˂HPV]\\YۙY܈X[ݙ\ݛ[Xܙ[[[[Y[Y[˂\][[H]ZXH][ۙYY\YX[ۜ][HX[Xܙ[[ۚ]ܚ[܈Z^[[\ۛY[ HY]PV]\\YۙY\[X\[KXۙYB\YY[܈Xܙ[[[[H]ZXH][ۙYܙX]H[X\]B[ۚ]ܚ[[\ۛY[܈Y][[Z^[[X\][[YX\X[X]Y[\H\\Y HX\PV]\H\][H[X\[KXۙY\YX\X[X]Y[][ۈ܈Xܙ[][H]ZXH][ۙYܙX]B[X\]H[ۚ]ܚ[[Z^[[\ۛY[ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝XY\[ۈ]Y[Έ L LL N V L LM [\Y\[ۋX]Y[˘K˙Y\[ۋX]Y[˘K\ܚ]H\]TЈ]Y[[\X\‘\ܚ]H\[XYH][HوY[\]X[]HTЈ]Y[[\X\[\H\][KH\]TЈ\Y\X]\\YB[\X\ΈH\] HTЈ L Z[ [] K\] HTЈ N Z[ [] K[\]HTЈ N Z[ [] KH\K\ܝ[ۋ[\ LNY[[ZX[Hو\][H][^Y][HXX܈\ܝ[TЈ [XݙKH[YY[\TЈ[TЈ\KPX\ۛXXX܈[X[\\Xܙ]\\[][HY[\[][]ܜ[YXYZ[˂[Y][ۋHZ\Y[XYZXX[\[\XHH[][\Y[K\]K[\]Y[H\ۜH\HوHZ\X]\HB\ܚ]x&\ܚY[[THZXX[\ [YYٝ\H\H]Y[\ܚ]KٝXKX]ۋ[X\\˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X\Zۈ]Y[Έ LM M MLMMKV LM M ML MK[\Zۘ]Y[˘K˙\Zۘ]Y[˘K ёTSӐSS