Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 27

ACR 7 discover that the product had actually been improved upon. Only recently, however, is the project – with the creation of ACR 7 – nearing com- pletion. “That is, completely standardizing, with a single loudspeaker ecosystem for all critical monitoring. And it’s taken 10 years, because it’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, right?” The loudspeakers, he adds, were the first “connective tissue” between ACR 7 and Post 207. “One of the things that won the day for them, and it’s still true today, hap- pily, is that, vertically speaking, Neumann’s product line is very well integrated and very commonly voiced.” That ultimately allows CTV to deploy and match various Neumann loudspeakers in any given space – in this case, Neumann KH310s, 120s, O-810 subs, and M-52s – to provide a fully translatable experience between those spaces for listening and mixing. The M-52s, Nunan adds, are essen- tially used as a utility loudspeaker for com- munications-grade applications rather than critical listening. Both ACR 7 and Post 207 are what Nun- an calls “flagship” spaces for mixing and post. “And Post 207 will do a variety of production work over its lifetime, not just talking head news.” Therefore, its capabilities cross many formats, including Dolby Atmos in a variety of form factors. Originally, it was built as a 5.1 room for the Vancouver Games, and more specifically, to handle music creation for the broadcasts, Baggley puts in. “But we’ve augmented it with more loudspeakers, another sub, and a bunch of other technology for our normal, day-to-day post operations in conventional formats. But it’s also been our high order surround sandbox for the last couple of years as we’ve been exploring the mechanics and the aesthetic of what it’s going to mean FfR66W72FW2ֆVvBf&G2FPV"gWGW&R( ФrFRFW"FV6wFWV@FRGv&22E5&6W76'2ЧVf7GW&VB'7FVfgfR( 2Ɩ6VFFW6vFB( FRƖ6Fr2'&BWpWW&V6Rf"W2( V62( 2vRrFW&^( 2B&WBv6^( &PWfW"vrFR&fVVG06'Bb7FfR&6W76rF6&BVFW FR&"FR7GVfbBvRBBfVBVFFrƖ6&GV7BFBvPvW&R6FVBvFFBvVBrW2FFFBBb&6W76r( 2&vVǒU@FV( 2FRV&W"bVG7VW'2vPfRg&ǒFRF2v^( fRW6VB&WfW6ǐvW&R7V""&VFfRFFRBbGvVpƖ6&fFW2BvRvW&RfW'&W76V@vFFV"6FRVƗGbFV 'VG2BFRFVvBFBvW2FFV FVF2F&R6'BbW&7G2FW&2`FƖr6v( ФRƖ6WWG&v2FWVB5"rvR"bƖ6T2vVBF7B#r( Ė7B#rvRVVFVBb6ЦV2b&6W76rBFR&W7BvFBЦ66VB7vW"FB&WV&VVBv2vFGvVvB6VT2v&r66W'BvR6VBfRFRBvFGvWWG&2'WBBvW"67BBvfVFBvRF( @VVBFR&6W76rF&RFBvR( 2&RЦ6W6R6RvRFVBFR&N( 2&VǐBvrF6vR&V6W6RFR&( 0B6vr( 2Bv26RWVFVB`$dU544TB( "#