Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 26

Bell Media Toronto Post 207 A Streamlined Workflow in Two Unique Studios W By Kevin Young | Photos by Neal Burstyn, hen it comes to the ever-evolv- ing production spaces within Bell Media’s main Toronto facility, accord- ing to Michael Nunan, “The only constant is change.” Nunan would know. He’s spent 23-plus years in production and post-production sound and has held the position of senior manager of broadcast operations, audio, at Bell Media since August 2014. Suffice to say he’s seen a significant amount of change in various post audio workflows and the technologies that support them throughout that time. In March 2018, Nunan, and Production Audio Supervisor Howard Baggley discussed the overhaul of CTV’s pre-existing main pro- duction and Dolby Atmos-equipped room, Post 207, and the creation of a new room, ACR 7, with Professional Sound. “These are projects that are related only 26 • PROFESSIONAL SOUND insofar in that they have common technol- ogy, but are themselves emblematic of a larger, ongoing umbrella project here,” Nunan shares about Post 207 and ACR 7 – “namely, creating a standard and technological syner- gy between various facilities. “That’s directly related to the fact that we undertook this large plan to create common monitoring and metering every- where in the company in all critical path environments, both video and audio,” he continues. “So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a master control operator listening in a master control or QC room, a video editor or producer in a control room, or an audio guy mixing in a post sound mix theatre or control room – we want everything to sound the same for everybody.” That’s of key importance given that any CTV clients, on any given day, will have multiple experiences listening to the same content in, for example, a video editing suite, a mix room for post, and in the control room when the show is being packaged. “They’re going to get different experiences of the same content as it moves through the contribution, distribution, and production pathways,” says Nunan, “so we want to elim- inate as much of the variability as possible and make sure everyone is hearing what’s actually there.” Given Bell Media’s status as a leading Canadian content creator with a variety of television properties – including TSN and RDS, multiple pay TV services, and, of course, the CTV network – both rooms are and will continue to be used for a wide range of content. Work on Post 207 began as CTV sought to beef up its infrastructure ahead of the 2010 and ’12 Olympic games in Vancouver and London, respectively. The first step of that was seeking new monitoring solutions in 2008. Following a shoot out of multiple man- ufacturers’ products, the network decided to go with Klein & Hummel loudspeakers. When the brand was integrated into Sennheiser and Neumann in 2009, however, they took a second look and listen to ensure nothing had changed that would affect their decision; in fact, Nunan says, they were pleased to