Professional Sound - April 2018 - Page 11

Sennheiser Invests in Dear Reality & Sonic Emotion to Enhance VR/AR Capabilities Sennheiser is aiming to strengthen its position as a provider of immersive audio solutions with an investment in Dear Reality, experts in spatial audio algorithms and VR/AR audio software, as well as the acquisition of technologies from Sonic Emotion, a developer of 3D audio software and processing solutions. Dear Reality, based in Germany, has specialized in software tools for the professional audio production of both interactive and linear content in VR/AR, including immersive audio plug-ins, algorithms, and custom software for development platforms and interactive apps. The acquisition of technologies from Swiss-based Sonic Emotion brings immersive audio solutions for soundfield control and loudspeaker playback to Sennheiser’s AMBEO technologies. For more information, contact Sennheiser Canada: 514-426-3013,, Expo-Scéne Raises the Bar for Fourth Annual Edition CITT/ICTS welcomed the North American entertainment industry to Montreal for the fourth annual Expo-Scène trade show and conference, which was held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal from March 28-29, 2018. Expo-Scène is currently the only major Cana- dian event dedicated to professionals in the pro audio, sound, lighting, audiovisual, video, and multimedia technology markets. This year’s sold-out show featured a big- ger hall and more exhibit space, hosting more than 80 exhibitors and showcasing hundreds of products and new technologies. For the first time, Expo-Scène also featured sold-out pre-show workshops. “We are thrilled to see an increase in attendees, especially from neighbouring provinces and from abroad. The show is con- tinuing to grow and is undeniably the major production and entertainment technology show in Canada,” says Monique Corbeil, CITT/ ICTS national coordinat "VGV6F6V֖'2g&V6@VvƗ6vW&RVB&FF2bFR6rrFRVF&VFVB6V֖'2vW&RbfW"672g&FV6撴6F7BV@FvFv&VW72G&rg&6W&R6ƖfV@WGv&2g&42Fv64B6W&W2G&pg&vW'$VFB6V֖"77FVЦFW6vBGVrg&WW"6VBrf"FRfgFVFF66VBЧVVBf"&r#BFR2FW06w,:2FRG,:v6V6RFPW6֖rvVV22&v旦W'26&PVf7GW&W'2B7WƖW'2&R6vpFW&W7BW&Frf"&Rf&FvFwwr6GB&rW66VR$dU544TB