Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 62

PROJECT FILE UNIVERSITÉ DE MONTRÉAL’S ERIC DESCHENES & JEAN-MICHEL DUMAS When Jean-Michel Dumas was looking for a new console for Université de Montréal’s music technology department, he opted for an Audient ASP8024. The cost, feature set, reputation, and oper- ating considerations, Dumas says, were the most important factors in the decision to choose the Audient desk. “The fact that the DLC module could be integrated to the board was what sealed the deal, since we needed a surface control, and Audient found a way to streamline the process with a great driver that Steve Flower even customized for us and great map- ping options,” Dumas says. “Understanding the signal flow is easier in the analog domain since you can ‘follow’ the audio clearly… Our students also have to be ready for live sound where the analog para- digms are st [\Y ][YY][\\H\[ 'BQH\ܝ[\][ۘ[8&\\X]\\H]\]X[ۂۈH\Y\\ [HHZ\و]YHX˜[[X\[H]x&\\\[[XX[BY[Y[YHY\H]\[[X]X[\Yێ[[Y\][\ˈ[[]YY[Hو K [][\ۋBY\][ۋH L [Z[[ۈX]H[^[X[[]H\ [H]XZ\X]KXZH]\HX][ZH]8&\™۝[[K[ PX\ẌYXZ\\[H\XKBYYH[۝X[ X\Y[\[[Yܘ]YHX8&\“\Y\]\[ۋ[\XYYYHYHԈ\[H]Y ܚY\[›[H\^\و̈[[Y[[KTЈX]X[XY[œ]YYH[H\\و\H\]ۈ[[ ܙX]Y[[\[ۋ\\[H\Yۈ\Y[YYHYX[][ۂٙ\[[[Y\]K[ \[H]Y[^\Y[H][H[ۋB\[HXܛ]\HX][H\H[H̸&\[^ܚ^۝[Y\[X\\H[\HۈH]YY[H[]^HHH[˂ёTSӐSS[[Y\\\[HX[H\Y]H[]‘YX LۜH[HZ^[\ܝX[ۜ\X˜[H\H[ۈ[H[[8&\ L\[YX[\][HXٛܙ [Y^ [XX\H[X\ Mˈ\\H\[YX[\\HH LX\\YYBYX&\[YX[\X]܋\]Y[ˈH\وHX[ۂXYH\\YYHX 'H\YH H]X[X[]\][ۈH L\H[YH8$[Z[X\[\H][K8'H^\\[KKBܚX[H\\^\Y[H\8'XY 8'HH^\H L8'[™^XHZHH\ۜ\8'HX\]H\[܋HY][Hx&Y]\\YH LYܙKHX]Y[[HX\ۜHۈ\]X]\HوH\ܝB]H\]Y[HX\Y&]][XZH]ۈHX˂X\\]Y[XXX[[ٙ\[ۘ[[۝X]܈KB[]YHX[H]Y]YH]XZ^ L\XY][ۜHHTˈ]YH[YY\^\Y[H]BۜH]X][H[YHXYY\H\ B[] &H\XX\\H\YܚH\\[KBX[]\ۈXۚXYYX[\HZ[[8&\X\H M\B\YT&\[YX[\X]܋ѓKYH[Y\H\܂[^H\HوYZ[\H]] 'HYXHܙX]^\Y[H]] [ۜY\[[›ZH^KX\Hو\][ۋ[و\K[]X[]KY\Y][HH\X][ۈ܈H[ ]\YYH8'H]YB\\ˈ8'و\K][XZH\HZ[[ [x&\H^Z[[YHوHX]\[\ܛZ[\[\[H[B[[][\[H[Y[[\\۸&]X\XK˜H\KY\H][ۈHT\HX[ۙY[H '