Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 51

Sennheiser XS Wireless 1 & 2 Radio Microphone Series Sennheiser has introduced the XS Wireless 1 and XS Wireless 2 radio microphone series. The XS Wireless 1 features automatic frequency management with one-touch synchronization and intuitive, icon-based controls. The series uses the Sennheiser evolution capsules and employs antenna switching diversity for reliable reception. The individual sets provide up to 10 compatible preset channels in eight frequency banks and are available in a number of ranges across the UHF spectrum. The receiver provides balanced XLR and unbalanced jack outputs. All XS Wireless 1 sets come with a receiver, transmitter, microphone capsule or instrument cable, power supply unit, and batteries. The XS Wireless 2 series has been designed for greater flexibility and control. The systems have up to 12 compatible, tunable channels in the eight frequency banks and an LCD display that shows the transmission frequency, AF and RF levels, and battery status. It features true-diversity reception, external antennas, and sturdy metal housing for the receiver, including rack-mount accessories. The XS Wireless 2 series includes two vocal sets with either a cardioid e835 dynamic capsule or a super-cardioid e865 pre-polarised condenser capsule, a head mic set, a lavalier set, and an instrument set. All XSW sets are compatible with each other. For more information, contact Sennheiser Canada: 514-426-3013, FAX 514-426-3953,, Danley TH-Mini15 Subwoofer Danley Sound Labs has released the TH-Mini15 ultra-compact subwoofer with one 15-in. driver. It is the larger sibling to the Danley TH-Mini, which uses a 12-in. driver and has a lower and louder output. The Danley TH-Mini15 features faithful bass reproduction down to 50 Hz with sensitivity measuring 105dB and maximum output measuring 132dB continuous and 135dB program. It weighs 100 lbs. and measures 30 x 18 x 24 in. The TH-Mini15 is ideal both for mobile live situations and for fixed installations where space is minimal. For more information, contact Danley Sound Labs: 770-535-0204, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 51