Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 49

Plugin Alliance Black Box HG-2 Tube Emulation Plug-In JBL AWC62 All-Weather Loudspeaker JBL, a division of Harman Prof- essional Solutions, has released the AWC62 all-weather two-way coaxial loudspeaker. Like all AWC speakers, the AWC62 incorporates a coaxial driver with the smallest possible speaker profile. For venues where larger speakers obstruct important views of gameplay or entertainment, the AWC62 offers consistent 110-degree coverage with high output in a cabinet that measures 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.1 in. A unique design with a coaxial 6.5-in. low-frequency driver and 1-in. high-frequency compression driver eliminates high-frequency beaming and extends pattern control to lower frequencies, delivering a broad frequency range of 70 Hz-18 kHz. The AWC62 is IP56-rated with a fibreglass-reinforced ABS cabinet and highly treated grille with multi-layer weather backing. The enclosure is heavily braced for low-frequency performance, with a Kevlar-reinforced low-frequency cone and a high-temperature voice coil. For more information, contact SC Media Canada: 514-780-0808, FAX 514-518-5643,, Plugin Alliance and Black Box Analog Design have released their first collaboration: the HG-2 tube-emulation plug-in. An enhanced digital version of Black Box’s high- end analog processor of the same name, the HG-2 distinguishes itself from other tube-emulation plug-ins by using models of four very different-sounding tubes in series and parallel circuits to produce a smorgasbord of tube colourations on full mixes and individual tracks. By doing this, the HG-2 produces the full range of tube sonics. In designing the HG-2 plug-in, the coding team at Brainworx (Plugin Alliance’s founding development partner) first worked with Black Box to model the hardware unit’s tubes and transformers. They then added a host of digital mods to expand the processor’s tonal palette and range of saturation effects. For more information, go to PROFESSIONAL SOUND 49