Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 48

PRODUCTS TOA NX-300 Network Audio Adapter TOA Canada Corporation has released the NX-300 network audio adapter, which uses an advanced implementation of TOA’s Packet Audio streaming technology with 16-bit audio and sample rates up to 48 kHz for better-than-CD audio quality. Up to 500 NX-300s can be connected to each other via LAN or WAN and up to 1,000 links can be established. Broadcast patterns consisting of up to 64 NX-300s can be programmed for use over extremely wide areas: buildings, campuses, industrial complexes, counties, and even cross-country. In addition, broadcasts can be set with high or low priority to allow for paging override with alert or emergency tones or announcements. Broadcast patterns may be activated via contact closures or via the on-screen GUI. The NX-300 is a dual-channel device capable of one-way stereo signal paths or bi-directional (full-duplex) dual mono signals. Ins and outs are transformer balanced to accommodate nearly any microphone or line-level signal. For more information, contact TOA Canada Corporation: 905-564-3570, 800-263-7639,, 48 PROFESSIONAL SOUND