Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 45

Albatros Audio PH9C Headphone Amplifier Albatros Audio has released the PH9C headphone amplifier, which is ideal for in-ear monitors for drummers and stationary musicians. The PH9C headphone amp features an aluminum case, internal power supply, and is designed to have headroom for extra dynamics to create clearer sound. As well, the company has added an aux input to this design, giving to drummers the ability to control their sequences or click track. With its low noise and low distortion, the PH9C is designed to lower hearing fatigue for musicians using IEMs. With handles on the top and a microphone flange on the bottom, the PH9C is easy to set up near the musician on a microphone stand. Measuring 4.75 x 7.625 in., the PH9C weighs 2.2 lbs. and has maximum input level of 24dbm, an output impedance of 1 ohm, and maximum output level of 18dbm. For more information, contact Albatros Audio: 514-262-1068, FAX 514-374-7202,, Auralex DeskMAX v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels Auralex Acoustics is now shipping its DeskMAX v2 stand-mounted acoustical panels. DeskMAX is designed as a portable, lightweight, variable absorption treatment for permanent and makeshift recording set-ups, mixing, and live performance applications. The DeskMAX can be used anywhere boundary-mounted acoustical treatments aren’t feasible or desired. It is ideal for musicians and voiceover professionals working in rented spaces and can also be used as an effective amplifier and speaker cabinet baffle. The pair of 2-ft. x 2-ft. x 3-in. DeskMAX panels are made from Auralex Studiofoam, mount to the included desktop stands, and store in a travel bag that accommodates both panels and stands. For more information, contact Auralex Acoustics: 317-842-2600, FAX 317-842-2760, auralexinfo@, PROFESSIONAL SOUND 45