Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 35

WE Day began as a single Toron- to-based event in 2007, uniting over 7,500 students from 500 schools in the GTA at Ricoh Coli- seum. Speakers at the inaugural edition included now-Prime Min- ister Justin Trudeau, author and educator Irshad Manji, and Olym- pian Mark Tewksbury with perfor- mances by Hanson and Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo. Just two years later, WE Day had expanded to two events in Vancouver and Toronto, wel- coming approximately 20,000 students each and including appearances by the Dalai Lama, Dame Jane Goodall, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and performances by mega-stars like Sarah McLachlan, K’naan, and the Jonas Brothers. In the ensuing years, WE Day has ballooned in size, scope, and popularity and, for 2016/17, is a 16-show, 15-city tour with events in multiple Canadian markets as well as major centres in the U.S. and U.K., having just recently tak- en over SSE Arena in Wembley. Leading up to this most recent season, Nordest Studio co-found- er Lina Beaudin had worked as WE Day’s executive producer and creative director; however, for 2016/17, Beaudin and Nord- est transitioned into the role of consulting producer and creative director while also providing support in the areas of production management, stage manage- ment, and technical direction. Needless to say, she’s inti- mately familiar with the event and its mandate. “This event is growing every year, which means its impact on people and their communities is growing, too,” she says. “It’s our job to make sure that message is heard loud and clear so it can be sh &VBB&FVBBbЦr&Vǒv&GV7FfVP2fFFFB( Ф&VVFBVF7WW'f6 FfRFv&VB66VǒFWBFvWFW"FW&r6vPFBvVBBǒFRW"Цf&6W2'&VFW&r7G2'WB6FVƗfW"6V"667FV@&Vf&6VVBf"FR7V6VG2bFR6rf"ЦW2BgFVW72F֖FVD4^4U$U2b>4U$U2%$0fVVW26W7F6ǒ7VrFR26&6VB`F677FV2VvVW&~( 0R6W&W2B26W&W2&W2rЦW&VB'6VVBb"w'WV6W&W2ƖfW'2&fFVB'f'7BFRVF7WЧƖW"VvFF6VBFRVgBB&vBw2G6ǐfRRSW2BF&VRS'2W 6FRvRFR6FRw2fP"SW2BF&VRS'2W"6FRFR&V"w2&R6&6V@bb6W"32W"6FR@FR326&fFRfBfg&FRƗbFR7FvR6FVVF6S7V'2FRFPrVB( vRVVFVBFBvV@6F6gFR&FW"&WV&VVG2`FFW&r7G2( &VVF&VbЦf&2( 'WBFN( 26fW'6FPVVvFFRWfW'FrV6PvRF&rBBGW&rtRFFVB2F&RVBB6V VVvF&6R&fR7&vB`fW'VW&vWF2VrVR666FW&rbFBv2&RЦǒ6fFVBFBFRF6&GV7Bv2FRF66RBv&rvFVvFF2&VVw&VB( 2FWrFP&GV7G26FRBWBB6''vFVw&VRb&fW76Ɨ66vR6VF( BfR6VBf"&WGFW"&fFW"( ФDTĕdU$rDRU54tP3RF6SW2W"6FR2F6S"2W"6FR6FRs"F6SW2W"6FR2F6S'2W"6FR&V"sbF632W"6FRg&Bf3F6306V2b6W&R46W&W2V"F'2GV60B6V2b6W&RU"6W&W0v&VW72֖7&W2vF4S67VW2"&VG60"6V2b6W&RV@v&VW72&V6VfW"vFU""U"G&6֗GFW'2F66FFP'F7G2vF6W&RG&6֗GFW'07FF&B6W&Rg&WVV7&BvFWBfrF6W&6RWp&V6VfW'2E$dd07V'3bF6S24RFvF66PvW#"w'WV#C@ƖfW'2"$3##BB&626ЦV7FVBff'&RgVǒ&VGVЦFBFFRWGv&G&fS"w'WVCB"7V"f6V7FVBf&VGVFBFFPWGv&fW"f'&RFƖfW'2"6V2b6W&RU"6W&W0v&VW72&V6VfW D%2U$d$4U0dB&fRF"֗p66Pd&6vFRE56&G2"E6&G2b6&@fB7FvR&6C#BW@fBfVVR6&2Vr֖03gBFvF6PBf"VFFV6斲BF vVFvW0Bf"VFFV6斲7V"G'VХ7V "Bf"VFFV6斲F ƖfW"&6"6W&RU""FVG2vF6W&R4S67VW06W&RU"&VG60ECVG6WG2b&VvR"'&v␣bBf"VFFV6斲RӂF'0f"7Vv&B&Vf&6VVB"6FVd"VG0DU$4У6V"6sB6V7FW 7FFB6V"6s2&VG60b6V"6s&VG60"FVW%E"Ӄ77FV0$dU544TB( "3