Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 34

Intelligibility Inspires On the Road with the WE Day Movement By Andrew King. Photos by Connor Sharpe. P Prince Harry, Archbishop Des- mond Tutu, Edward Norton, Nelly Furtado. If a friend told you they were going to see even one of these internationally-recognized fi gures speak at an invitation-only event, you’d likely picture an elegant ballroom full of social elites – prominent businesspeople, politi- cians, and celebrities – schmooz- ing in formal attire; however, an increasingly sizable group of 34 • PROFESSIONAL SOUND GETTING READY FOR WE DAY, WITH AVID PROFILE “PERFORMANCE” CONSOLE LEFT & YAMAHA CL5 “TRAFFIC” CONSOLE AT FOH. impassioned and empowered young people across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. are given the opportunity to hear from such global luminaries in between performances by major stars sur- rounded by tens of thousands of their peers at WE Day. For the uninitiated, WE Day is a product of WE, an organization founded by Canadian activists and philanthropists Craig and Marc Kielburger. WE aims to empower young people to aff ect positive change in their local and global communities by adopting an inclusive, communal “we” men- tality. WE Day is a physical mani- festation of that mission, combin- ing the energy and excitement of a live concert with education and inspiration delivered through shared stories of leadership and change. Sometimes, these stories come from globally recognized infl uencers; other times, they come from participating students themselves. In either case, it’s paramount that the arena full of ambitious, amped-up youth can clearly hear every word, and thanks to a dedicated team of live sound professionals and an audio package chosen by Lina Beaudin of Toronto’s Nordest Studio and provided by Cleveland, OH’s Eighth Day Sound, that’s been the case for WE Day’s 2016/17 season.