Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 31

TUCKED AWAY IN A WINNIPEG strip mall lies a little studio called Frank Digital, one of Canada’s top full-service video production and post facilities. Not only is it world-class, pro- viding services for a host of high-calibre Canadi- an and international clients; it’s also one of the country’s busiest. “We’re in this little strip mall and it doesn’t really look like anything from the outside, but when people come in for a tour and we open the double doors into the recording and mixing suites, they are honestly quite amazed that all of this exists in a small centre,” says Chris McIvor, the studio’s owner and executive producer. With operations in Winnipeg and Vancouver, Frank has serviced an international film and TV clientele, including major studios and networks such as Fox, Universal, Sony, NBC, ABC, CBS, and HBO. As a result, it has clients from a variety of sectors, including animation and VFX, corporate films and advertisements, and original series. Lately, the company, which has become a sought-after specialist in a secondary video and broadcast market, has been busy editing and mixing for television specials in both of Canada’s official languages. With over 7,500 sq. ft. of audio and video post-production space, Frank Digital’s Winnipeg studio houses nine HD/SD edit suites, four Da- Vinci Resolve colour timing and finishing suites, a Dolby Certified 5.1 digital audio mixing the- atre, smaller Pro Tools editing suites, and state- of-the-art animation/VFX and QC/output suites. Frank Digital’s mix theatre was designed by Pilchner Sc W7FFW&FFR7GVF6W7F7267VF7f&&VB7GVF27V62&W6W'f"7GVF2BFR7FW&r6PWr&6v6VBFV@&WfWF&V6&FrF&FFRW7@fWrFR֗FVG&R'V2&F2"pEB&7G2F"77FVfVGW"ЦrffRvVVV23$'26vVVV2C2@vVVV2ss7V'vfW"&W6FW2Vf&P6V7FbWVrB6VV6W"֒Ц7&W2FR7GVFW6W2WF&&BF06VFrFVVgVVccs"Bcs"fs3w7S&2BG&vW"c֖2&RЦ2BG&vW"cW&VG2Bf6&W76'2FRF'vV"6VFW2RF'4URBGvF'3c25"6R&VGV7FVG2BEScBSc2V6FW'26G&&"6'V2&F2"prvFFvFW6vFv2G&vW"cBF&WfVF'2आvR&76g&( 26V`VvVW"66FW'2FR7GVFF&RFR&W7B6VB&V6&Fpf6ƗG^( 2v&VB&V6W6Rf"FR7B'BBv0( 'VBg&67&F6BFP&W&ǒ( ФBR6VBr^( 0&VV6VB&V6&FrVЦvVW"f"V&ǒCV'2*P&Vv26&VW"vVpBFV&V6FVBFf6RЧfW"vW&RR&V6&FVB7G06VFrFWW2&VWf&B6Ɨv6BFR62&F4V*RfV@&6FvVr26VbVЦvVW"f"6V2VF@FV#&Vv27FB@֖F6v6FW"&V6Pg&FvF*^( 2&VVFW&PWfW"66R6W&W2&GV7F( Х6W"6W7FFW6vVBFR6G&&6FBFRVvVW'26VB6VW76ǐ7vF6g&fFEbF&V6&FVBW62֗W2FR7VW'2FRv7W'&VG2vW&R7FV@&&ǒf"W6RFVWf6֗W2vRFPvVVV72WFvW&RFVFVBf"fVGW&Rf2&76FW2VFBB֗f"FVG&6&VV6W2'WBf"FR7B'BR2&VVfЦ7W6rFVWf6F7VVF&W2B6W&W2आRFW2FBvRFR7GVFFW2666ǐ&Vǒ6RbG2WF&&BF2FR'VƲ`G2֗r2FRFRFvFF( FR&6W76r2FR&BBW7@W2B6V6V6W"f"&V6&V6W6R6WFFRWfW'Fr( R6&W2( bאpP 0PFt$B$54b4$24d ( vN( 2&VǒVVP&WBFRf6ƗG2FR6G&&( W04f"( ėBv2FW6vVBF&R6W'FfVB'F'f"&B7FW&rf"FVG&6&VV6W2'W@66f'F&R֗r7GVFf"FVWf6U2&RWFFVBbג6&W76'2&PWFFVB6b6V&G6W2&6FPBVVG2FffW&VBFVƗfW&&R"6WFp26֖r&6f"Bb6vRN( 2V6V6W"FfG'FVWBFR&$dU544TB( "3