Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 26

WRAPPED IN CREATIVE REVERIE (L-R) W aqaas H ashmi , M ichael S onier , F razer M ac , J ason D ufour , J arrel Y oung , A lex B onenfant , A drien G ough & C alvin H artwick COMMUNITY & COLLABORATION ARE KEY AT TORONTO’S DREAM HOUSE STUDIOS BY KEVIN YOUNG F F or the owners of downtown Toronto’s Dream House Studios, the most important focus of their business model is an emphasis on the artists that write and record there and the songs that result from that work. In any discussion of a studio, the gear, the functionality, and the layout and construction figure heavily – in many cases to the exclusion of a conversation about the actual experience of recording there, and how the space and staff fosters creativity, directly or indirectly. 26 • PROFESSIONAL SOUND Photos by Neal Burstyn, When describing Dream House, co-owners and founders Alex Bonenfant and Adrien Gough tend to speak in terms of the vibe and the similarities between the facility’s informal beginnings in 2010 and its ultimate transition into a commercial studio. “I would say that what’s developed here at Dream House has been an evolution,” Bonenfant offers. “When we came in here initially, it was a place to work for myself, Adrien, and Henry Walter, who goes by the name of Cirkut. We were all friends and were working on Adrien and Henry’s record when they were signed to Last Gang Records.”