Professional Sound - April 2017 - Page 18

PROFILE ADAM CLARK By Michael Raine A s a high school student in Oakville, ON, Adam Clark found his passion and sanctuary in his communications technology class. Unlike most students who wanted to make cool looking films, Clark spent much of his time in the editing suite focusing on sound. “We’d have this pretty badly shot 10 minutes [of video] and then these amazing sound effects and other stuff, with these huge soundscapes behind them,” he recalls, “and it was because I’d stay after class and work on it.” But it wasn’t until years later, as a film student at York Univer- sity with dreams of becoming a director, that he realized his destiny was to be the man behind the microphone. Now, as the co-founder and chief sound recordist for location recording and post- production company Toronto Sound, the 27-year-old Clark is fulfilling that destiny on the sets of films, documentaries, and commercials on a daily basis. “Every decision to pick up a boom pole and go out on a set is a decision that has defined my life in many aspects,” says Clark. “I treat this job as a passion, as work, but also as a way of living and a way of life.” While still at York, Clark purchased his own location recording kit and began capturing the sound for his fellow students’ films. A business grew out of it, fittingly called Adam Clark Sound, where he would take