Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 54

Chance the Rapper’s recent U.S. tour featured an eye- catching show designed by LD and creative director Michael Apostolos. Like the artist, Apostolos is also based in Chicago and they first met four years ago when Apostolos was starting his career as an LD. Apostolos put Robe moving lights right at the heart of the Be Encouraged tour, specifying 30 BMFL Spots, four BMFL WashBeams, and 56 LEDWash 1200s, as well as eight CycFX 8s for the tour, all supplied by rental specialist Solotech. The lights were positioned across five overhead finger trusses, fanning out from upstage centre and along the deck upstage of the band risers. 54 PL&P 1 In the downtown area of Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, Loft combines a bar, restaurant, café, and dancefloor over two stories. Russian installation specialist Muztorg.PRO provided Loft with a light system that’s as versatile as its entertainment options with a package that features 16 Rogue R2 Spots, 16 Rogue R2 Washes, and eight ÉPIX Bar Tour fixtures from Chauvet Professional. “To give the impression of separate areas within the large single venue space, it became quickly apparent that a creative visual solution was required,” says Roman Kosinov, project manager at Muztorg.PRO. “In addition to a modern sound distribution and partitioning system, the Chauvet fixtures enabled us to create the illusion of separate visually portioned areas within the bar, restaurant, and club.” 2 When Justin Bieber’s Purpose world tour played the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic earlier in the year, Dominican- based rental company and Elation dealer BM Eventos was there to supply Elation’s Platinum Beam 5R lights for some \X˜X[H˂ܞH]\[Y LوH^\\]\\[œݚYH^YKX][\Y\وXX[\H][ۜ[Hݙ\XYYYH۝ Y [Y [HH[^K']8&\Y[H\H[\ܝ[Y[^\H[H[\H܈X[BYX\]^[[ ݙ[\ܛX[K8'H^\HY[[X\وH][ˈ8'ۈH\[YX\\H[HZ[X[\XX\H\H]X]H^\\[HY[X[H\\\\H]HH\[K'BY[\Yۙ\X\[X\HH\ܘ\˜۝Y[܈\]YH[[Y[8&\ MKˈ\[X\[YH\[ X[ []ZX]\ܘ[HۜH܈B[]Y\[\وH\ܛX[Hۘ\][\\X[Y\X[\ܛX[KY Y[\Hܙ[ܘ\K[H [\X[]\X[X˂[X\Y۝[]Y] Z[[[^YY[^YY[YXY]Hۙ^Hݙ\H&\\YY[[ZX[][HX[[8'[[YH\Y [H]H›[ݙH\H\ۈ]H]XX[YK8'H[X\^\8'[Hܘ\X[H\][Y[ٙ[H[[ۘ[]KH[ܘ[BX܈]\ܛ\[[]\][^[]وۈ[YK'