Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 51

CAST BlackTrax V2.2 Motion Tracking System CAST Software has released version 2.2 of its BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system . BlackTrax V2.2 features a centralized output widget that manages all output connections to third party systems, including RTTrPL, RTTrPM, and Art-Net protocols. As well, output tracking data can be smoothed per Trackable and users can share outputs by exporting into a separate file. Auto Douse will automatically douse a light according to motion and Smooth Pickups activate at the beginning of a chapter to create a seamless tran- sition between scenes. Up to 24 positions can be calibrated and re-called for each chapter and fixtures can have different trim heights and still maintain tracking accuracy. When tracking a combination of multiple tracking points (LEDs), the Centroid will gradually fade into the remaining visible LEDs (and fade back once the hidden LED re-appears). This also applies to third party devices, which have been written into the Centroid module using the BlackTrax RTTrPM protocol. For more information, contact CAST Group: 416-597-2278, FAX 416-597-9594,, Chroma-Q Inspire XT Luminaires Chroma-Q has added to its Inspire range with the Inspire XT, which incorporates all the features of the Inspire range, including a fully homogenized beam, theatrical grade dimming, and con- vection cooling. It boasts an output of 9,544 hot lumens. The Inspire XT uses Chro- ma-Q’s advanced homogenized optics allowing for one output beam that is clean, pure, and uniform. Factory cali- bration ensures every Inspire’s output is colour matched. Its range of whites, soft pastels, and bold saturates offers the ability to transform the look and feel of a space and engage an audi- ence while subtly or boldly shaping an environment. The XT is nearly twice as bright as the Inspire and uses DMX, allowing the fixture to dim smoothly through the range, particularly at low levels. The Inspire XT is a low maintenance fixture delivering over 50,000 hours of life ex- pectancy. Its camera-friendly technology eliminates flicker on HD cameras. For more information, contact A.C. Lighting: 416-255-9494, FAX 416-255- 3514,, Winter 2017 | 51