Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 46

Elation Chor us Line 16 Elation Chorus Line LED Batten Luminaires Elation Professional has launched the Chorus Line range of flexible LED batten luminaires. The range is designed to change strip lights from static, single-purpose wash lights to more maneuverable, adaptable lighting effects that can fulfill a number of purposes in the same show. The range features a wide motorized zoom, dynamic 220-degree tilt axis movement, and the power to compete with LED video. Chorus Line is available in two versions, the eight-pixel bar Chorus Line 8 and the 16-pixel bar Chorus Line 16. Both luminaires house 40-W RGBW LEDs with full pixel control and are ideal for use as visual effects, foot lights, wash lights, cyc lights, and more. The high-power OSRAM 40-W RGBW LEDs allow the Chorus Line to perform on large stages and compete with the bright LED video screens used on many large productions. Well-defined LED pixel spacing also allows for more impact and aerial effects on camera, which is ideal for television or concert applications. Both versions feature stepless RGBW colour mixing for a range of saturated colours and pastel shades. For more information, contact SFM: 514-780-2070, FAX 514-780-2111,, 46 | Winter 2017 ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5 ArKaos Pro has released MediaMaster Pro 5, the latest addition to the MediaMaster Pro software line. One of the key new features is Lyric Player, which allows for subtitle creation to be displayed as lyrical text on screen. The new MediaHub feature allows users to remotely control the content of the MediaMaster Library. It also facilitates seamless communication between multiple servers on the same network, making it simple for a designer at the front of the house to upload, update, and delete content on a server located in a different room. Other MediaMaster Pro 5 features include up to 36 layers to prepare, play, and output visuals and effects, as well as the ability to transform computers into media servers for professional lighting consoles driven by DMX, Art-Net, Time Code, and MIDI. For more information, contact A.C. Lighting: 416-255-9494, FAX 416-255-3514,,