Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 45

Robert Juliat Dalis 861 Wash Light Robert Juliat has released the Dalis 861, a 150-W LED asymmetric wash light. The Dalis 861 shares the same qualities of control, colour mixing, coverage, and silent operation as Robert Juliat’s Dalis Cyclight. The unit incorporates eight coloured LED emitters: red, green, blue, royal blue, amber, cyan, warm white (2,200 K), and cool white (6,500 K). The choice of these six colours in association with the two whites gives users access to a wide colour gamut. The Dalis 861 wash light is designed to be an ideal solution for side lighting, offering a very wide opening and even coverage. It is equipped with an advanced fanless cooling system and offers silent operation, which is ideal for sound-sensitive applications like opera houses and theatrical applications. Other features include 24 micro optical asymmetric reflectors and 8- or 16-bit control of each colour. For more information, contact A.C.T. Lighting: 844-996-0884, FAX 416-628-8406,, ETC Ion Xe Consoles ETC has upgraded the Ion family of consoles with the release of two Ion Xe consoles. With compact footprints and full-featured Eos software, the Ion Xe consoles bring high-level programming power to smaller venues. Since the new consoles feature the same backlit keyboard layout as their larger Eos family siblings, the user’s workflow transfers easily from desk to desk. Ion Xe desks support up to two external multi-touch monitors. The Ion Xe consoles feature full main playback controls, fader controls, level and rate wheels, four rotary parameter encoders, and support for up to five USB-connectable wings and devices. The consoles are available in two output counts: 2K (base) and 12K (expanded), providing control for a wide variety of rigs. For extra security and flexi- bility, ETC has also released the Ion Xe RPU (Remote Processing Unit), which can serve as a backup, remote programming station, or primary controller for the system. For more information, contact ETC: 608-831-4116, FAX 608-836-1736, Winter 2017 | 45