Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 44

44 PL&P PR Lighting Aqua 350 Beam PR Lighting has added to its IP65-rated Aqua range with the water- proof and dustproof Aqua 350 Beam moving head. The fixture features a 350-W lamp (6,800 K colour temperature) and, thanks to its ad- vanced optical system, delivers a tight and powerful 2.1-degree parallel beam. This makes it ideal for all outdoor situations, particularly where an outdoor searchlight and big air looks are required. The fixture is fully featured and includes 12 dichroic colours (including CTO and white), two gobo wheels (one fixed and one rotating), and three prisms. The fixed wheel contains 16 gobos plus open and the rotating wheel has 12 interchangeable gobos plus open. The three prisms offer eight-facet, 16-facet, and linear, with bi-directional rota- tion plus CTO, frost, and open. For more information, contact L.C. Group: 450-755-6091, FAX 450-753-5298,, Ayrton Ghibli LED Spot In an expansion of its automat- ed lighting range, Ayrton has launched the Ghibli, the compa- ny’s first LED spot luminaire. Designed to be compact, elegant, and lightweight, the Ghibli features high-output, ultra-efficient optics, an 8:1 zoom from seven to 56 degrees, and a selectable high-CRI mode amongst its range of features. It is housed in a compact package with a sleek industrial design. The Ghibli uses less than 900 W of power in total while de- livering an output of 23,000 lumens, which renders it powerful enough for large arenas. It is designed to offer a crisp, clean, and uniform beam with no hotspot, and ideal centre-to-edge uniformity that delivers fat beams across its whole field. For more information, contact Theatrixx: 514-939-3077, FAX 514-933-0087,, Robe MegaPointe Moving Light ADJ AV4IP LED Video Panel ADJ has released the AV4IP high-resolution, outdoor-rated LED video panel. Designed for outdoor applications, the AV4IP offers the same build quality, durability, and affordability as the other models in the AV series but with an IP rating that makes it suitable for use in any weather conditions. Each panel has a pixel pitch of 4.81 mm with a configuration of three-in-one RGB SMD1921 LEDs. The panel is IP65 on the front and IP54 on the back, which allows for temporary outdoor use. The brightness is 4000 nits. There are two LED modules per panel, which allows for easy serviceability. The AV4IP includes True 1 powerCon in/out and etherCON in/out waterproof connections. This panel also features a Novastar receiving card. For more information, contact SFM: 514-780-2070, FAX 514-780-2111,, 44 | Winter 2017 Robe has launched the MegaPointe moving light. Utilizing an exclusive 470-W short-arc lightsource, the MegaPointe’s optics produce very bright parallel beams and improved spot gobo projections together with quick movement, smooth CMY colour mixing, and a number of effects available for splitting and shaping the light in Spot, Beam, or Wash modes. The MegaPointe’s zoom ranges from 1.8 to 21 degrees in Beam mode and it goes from 3 to 42 degrees in Spot mode with high-clarity output through a 150 mm diameter front lens. It has a total lumen output of 20,375 and a CRI of over 80. Different in-air projections can be created using the new effects engine, pre-loaded with 12 beam and flower effects, and can be further finessed using the beam shaper, which can emu- late framing shutter effects and create rectangular shapes as well as being rotatable and indexable. The light and medium frost filters work with any combina- tion of colours from the CMY mixing system, which produces a smooth, even wash coverage. For more information, contact Robe Lighting: 954- İ)`дɽѥ)ܹɽѥ