Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 42

42 PL&P Mark Desloges By Andrew King S imply put, 2017 has been a total whirlwind for Mark Desloges. At the beginning of the year, Desloges – better known in production circles as “The Drifter” – purchased his own Kinesys automated rigging kit and launched Drifter Rigging. Originally, the vision was to provide automation equipment and expertise to the Canadian live event market, and fittingly, his first official job was the Grandstand Show at the 2017 Calgary Stampede; however, in the past few months, Drifter and his rig have hit major venues like NYC’s Madison Square Garden and L.A.’s Staples Center and augmented the production value of events like KCON and WE Day. A few weeks ago, he joined British superstar Ed Sheeran on a leg of his Divide World Tour as an operator. Now, Desloges is speaking to Professional Lighting & Production from the U.K., where he and the team at Christie Lites Coventry are gearing up for a tour with X Factor winner James Arthur. Desloges was born in Brampton, ON and soon moved with his family to Kentville, NS. “Growing up in rural Nova Scotia was fantastic,” he enthuses. “Life was a slow pace, not many people had egos, and I grew up humble and appreciative of what I had.” At 16, Desloges and some friends started a punk band, and he quickly discovered that the only way to get on a show was to put it on himself. Soon, he was bringing bands from across Canada to the East Coast – including some heavyweights with major booking agencies; however, still being a minor, that meant his parents were regularly signing contracts for artists, venues, and production equipment. He consistently found himself in need of a good audio pro so he decided to learn the craft himself. Out of high school, Desloges started touring with acts like Protest the Hero, Arise and Ruin, and Cancer Bats (who gave him his nickname) as an FOH engineer and tour manager. “I got to a point where I was mixing in large venues, and even a handful of arenas,” Desloges shares, “and it wasn’t until I got to arenas that I found my true love of production.” Desloges took the plunge and landed a full-time gig with East Coast production giants Tour Tech East, where he had the chance to “study his craft” while still touring on the side, including a stint mixing and tour managing Halifax rapper Classified over the course of a few weeks. “That was an eye-opener as to what it really Z\™]HH\ۈ[\[H8'H\\YZ]˂ݙ\\X\]Y[YX\]\X \\[\™\HY[H]Y[Y[[ [YۚYX[KY[ˈH[\Y[PUH[ [[Y^[ܚY\^H\Z[]XY[X[Y\8'[H\Y]\X H\[\[\]Y[][ۜ8'HHX[ˈ8'[HY H\[Y\HY[\\Y[[][[\Z\X[ۈY\H\Y]HZ\وHZY[ܚYۈYHZ\HY]\HXXYH[\B[[[Yܚ[H\ܝ^H[Z[HX[YHYX[ 'B]8&\[[X][H][ܛYY\\&HX\[ۈ\\ۂ\[\[[ݙH\[Z[Hܛ۝˂'[HY\Y[\[]H[Hو[YH\Z[]\][\X\H[\\ܚ8'H\\YZ]ˈ8'B]\[H]Hܛ[[[]\\۝X[]Y[ZH]\\۸&]Yۋ'B[\[XK\Y\ٙ\[ۘ[[[H܈H[YBZ[\][X\HZ[H\[XXX[H\[\›ۙ\[\]܋8'x&]HY[\Hو[YH[[\H[›X\[H\و[\][ۘ[\[\Hܚ\\\]Z\Y[[\ܝ[^ܝ[\][ۘ[^8$[] \HX H\X[YۈH\[Y\HܚY܈[K'B[ Hܚ\[XYHY[ܝH]\܂\\^\H[\\H[Hܚ]8'YBX][H[X^['H\\[XXX[ˈ8'HX[YY\Y \[X[^H[\\]܈H\[YH[X[^[]HYܙX]Y^Hۈ[8$Y][]H[[[[\H[^Hۈ\[ۋ'BH[\[Z[H8$\YK][K[ۙK^YX\[]Y\ZY\H8$\YH[HXX\ZY\وܛ۝ˈZ[˜H]\[\ۙ\[\[XXX[\۸&]X]H[H]X[YH܈[\[[x&\YKHY\[^[8'HH\ؘ[[]\'HY][Y\]YX[\Y[ۈHX[][\ۜ[ۜY\[]Xو\[YH\[Y\[XX[ۈY[\܈[HZ\ܝ˜Z\ܝۈ\^H[H[\][ۘ[\[][ۜx&\[H[B]] 'YH\][YH[ܙH[H[]\\܋8'H\\\\š[YX[ۋ[]XZ\[HY[\[HX]HX]\\[وHYX\[\[H^[[ N 8']]\^YX\[Hۛ]H[H\HX]\H[HZH\]\H^KB]]x&[H\[ۘ]HX] 'B[][\HY]܋Z[PYYوٙ\[ۘ[Y[ X[ۋ