Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 39

Technically Yours Inc. 288 Judson St., #5 Toronto, ON M8Z 5T6 416-361-9390, FAX 416-361-9745 Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1987 Officers: Tony Devai, Pres. Sales Reps: Colin Sangster Lines Carried: ADC (drape track) Brightline (fluorescent video fixtures) Goo Systems (video screen paint) Lee Filters (lighting & camera filters) Reflecmedia (portable chroma key systems) Rose Brand (stage fabrics, sewn curtains) Techni-Lux 10900 Palmbay Dr. Orlando, FL 32824 407-857-8770, FAX 407-857-8771, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1991 Officers: Luciano Salvati, Pres.; Alex Gonzalez, VP Sales Reps: Tony Hansen; Felix Gallardo; Ted May Lines Carried: Techni-Lux (lighting equipment) Theatrical Concepts, Inc. 5304 Derry Ave., Unit O Agoura Hills, CA 91301 818-597-1100, FAX 818-597-9889, Year Established: 1986 Officers: Steve Gilbard, Pres.; James Laschinger, VP Ops. Lines Carried: Christie (projectors) coolux (media & show control systems) Pandoras Box (media servers) Sonic Emotion (3D sound processors) Theatrixx Technologies Inc. 1655 rue Richardson, #7402 Montreal, QC H3K 3J7 514-939-3077, FAX 514-933-0087, Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor Year Established: 1999 Number of Employees: 35 Officers: Jacques Tessier; François Levasseur; Gabriel Duschinsky Sales Reps: Maxime Duschinsky, USA; Dominic Galien, QC; Philippe Laframboise, QC; Reid King, BC; BJ Ruthven, AB Lines Carried: Amphenol (connectors) AnalogWay (video switching & routing) AV Stumpfl (media servers, show control solutions) Ayrton Lighting (moving lights) Cable Protectors (cable mats) Hannay Reels (cable drums) High End Systems (consoles, moving lights) JB-Lighting (moving heads, LED moving heads) The Light Source (rigging accessories) Theatrixx (electrical distribution systems) Visual Productions (lighting programmers) xFocus (LED lighting) xVision (video solutions) Thermodyne Cases 1841 S. Business Pkwy. Ontario, CA 91761 909-923-9945, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1958 Lines Carried: Thermodyne (shipping, carrying & rack-mount cases) Thinklogical 100 Washington St. Milford, CT 06460 800-291-3211, FAX 203-783-9949, Year Established: 2003 Officers: Joe Pajer, Pres. & CEO Sales Reps: Thinklogical Sales, 203-647-8700 Lines Carried: Thinklogical (fibre-optic cam- era extenders, HDMI & DVI video extenders & matrix switches, SDI & KVM extenders & matrix switches, video & audio extenders, keyboard & mouse extenders, analog video extenders, USB & FireWire extenders) TMB 278 Cook St., #5 Meaford, ON N4L 1H3 519-538-0888, FAX 519-538-0887, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1983 Officers: Stephanie Kilburg, Sales Mgr. Sales Reps: Kyle Morton Lines Carried: DVI Parrot (EDID management) Firefly (decorative lighting systems) IMS (marquee/festoon lighting systems) Intelligent Marquee Systems (LED marquee lighting) ProCable (cabling) ProPlex (data control cables, copper/fibre signal management) ProPower (power distros) Solaris (LEDs, linear flood fixtures, strobes) Toleeto Fasteners International 1580 Jayken Way Chula Vista, CA 91911 619-662-1355, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1985 Officers: David Deavenport, Pres.; Sara Deaven- port, VP; Lauren Pourcho, Sec. Sales Reps: Tom Bardsley, 888-227-3726 Lines Carried: Cord-Lox, Rack-ups (cable management straps & products) Coil’n’Carry (adjustable carrying handle for cables, hoses, etc.) Sales Reps: Mark Honeycutt, Western Sales Mgr.; Charlie Weiner, Eastern Sales Mgr. Lines Carried: Tomcat, James Thomas Engi- neering (trussing, specialized truss products, rigging products, roof systems, hoists, control systems) Traxon Technologies (A Div. of Osram) 2001 Drew Rd. Mississauga, ON L5S 1S4 905-673-6171, FAX 905-673-6290, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1995 Lines Carried: Traxon Technologies (LED lighting) e:cue lighting control (lighting control hardware & software) U Ultratec Special Effects 1960 Blue Heron Dr. London, ON N6H 5L9 519-659-7972, FAX 519-659-7713 Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1992 Officers: Marnie Styles, VP Sales Reps: Rachelle Robson, Inside Sales, 519-951-3363 Lines Carried: Ultratec (fog machines, low- lying fog, haze machines, effects machines, paper products, fluid, fluid systems, pyrotechnics) Union Connector 8182 Baymeadows Way W. Jacksonville, FL 32256 631-753-9550 Company Type: Manufacturer Lines Carried: Union (switches, connectors, power distribution, custom manufacturing) V"ƖvFpRG&VR&BGV6C#0#sӓ32Ӄ#C V$V"6wwrV"6Ф6GSVf7GW&W V"W7F&Ɨ6VCƖW26'&VCV"7FvRƖvFrfGW&W2vV2&VfV7F"77FV266W76&W2F6BU42ࢄ֖2w&W6璐SC#rFG"शfRD3s@C3"cBssdcRcs2S6W4F6GW66wwrF6GW66Ф6GSVf7GW&W ff6W'366GB6&W24T&&W'&W"4dvFFB4vFW"#r3