Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 38

2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS Show Sage LLC 11111 Franklin Ave. Franklin Park, IL 60131 847-261-9205, Year Established: 2000 Officers: Jim Testa, Pres. Sales Reps: James Kellner; Marty Karp Lines Carried: Axle (media management software) Dataton (multi-display production & playback software, show management software, con- trol software, scheduling software) Giant iTab (tablets, smartphones) Ovation (audio servers, sequencers) Show*Server (media playback servers) Show*Station (video production workstations) Sigma Services Inc. 8310 S. County Rd. 39 Plant City, FL 33567 813-737-1904, FAX 813-737-1063, Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor Year Established: 1976 Officers: R. N. Fleming, Pres. Sales Reps: Russell Clark; Cathie Murray; Rick Fleming Lines Carried: Sigma Services (flames systems, cryo systems, confetti systems, custom systems) SnowMasters (snow machines) Le Maitre, UltraTec (smoke machines, fluids) Smartstage 2510 East Sunset Rd., #222 Las Vegas, NV 89120 702-880-0011, FAX 954-919-1503, Company Type: Manufacturer Lines Carried: Smartstage (truss, revolving stages, staging, seating) SMS Connectors PO Box 188 West Frankfort, IL 62896 647-808-0965, FAX 847-656-5094, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1983 Lines Carried: SMS Connectors & Amps (single, multi-pole & quick-lock connectors) Solotech Inc. 5200 Hochelaga Montreal, QC H1V 1G3 514-526-7721, 38 | Winter 2017 Company Type: Manufacturer, Rental & Integration Services Year Established: 1977 Sales Reps: Frederic Senay, ext. 5217; Mario Lessard, ext. 5240; Daniel Lecocq, ext. 5271; Mathieu Taillon, ext. 5272 Lines Carried: Solotech (road cases, control booth furniture, custom cable assemblies, anodized connector plates, power distribu- tion systems, arena scoreboard systems, video products) Sony of Canada Ltd. 115 Gordon Baker Rd. Toronto, ON M2H 3R6 416-499-1414, FAX 416-495-3722 Company Type: Manufacturer Lines Carried: Sony (wired & wireless mics, professional headphones, mixers, A/V powered matrix switchers, pro field recorders) Spotlight SrL Via Sardegna 3 San Giuliano Milanese, Italy 20098 +39-02-98830-1, FAX +39-02-98830-22, Year Established: 1969 Lines Carried: Spotlight (lighting fixtures) Stageline/Mobile Stage Rentals (MSR) 827 Blvd. L’Ange Gardien L’Assomption, QC J5W 1T3 800-267-8243, FAX 450-589-1711, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 2003 Officers: Yvan Miron, Pres. & CEO Sales Reps: Pierre-Luc Rompre Lines Carried: Mobile Space (promotional units) Mobile Stage Rentals (mobile stages, banners, accessories) Stageline (mobile stages) Stagestep 4701 Bath St., #46B Philadelphia, PA 19137 800-523-0960, Year Established: 1970 Sales Reps: Trisha Sorren, ext. 115 Lines Carried: Stagestep (dance floors, floor maintenance systems, glassless mirrors) Staging Concepts 8400 Wyoming Ave. N., #100 Brooklyn Park, MN 55455 763-533-2094, FAX 763-533-2096, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1990 Lines Carried: Staging Concepts (portable performance staging, retractable seating riser support, folding & rolling stage modules, all-aluminum platforms with aluminum surface) Staging Dimensions 31 Blevins Dr., Unit A New Castle, DE 19720 302-328-4100, FAX 302-328-1034, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 2001 Officers: Kim Moore, VP Sales Reps: Chris Bates, ext. 116 Lines Carried: Staging Dimensions (staging products & accessories) Switchcraft Inc. 5555 N. Elston Ave. Chic YS MLL V MLLLB[\]ܘY K˜]ܘY B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NM [\\YY]ܘY ۛXܜBYH\X\[˂ MM“ܝY[   MMMLL[Y\\X\ K˜Y\\X\ B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NNL“[\\YYі ۝ٝ\JBٝ Y[ Qٝ\JBНZ[\ \\ܚ \Yۂٝ\JBYTYMH[ۙY\K\KRH  MŽNKL ML˜Y\Y B\[H\NX[YX\\[\\YYYTY YHXXœ\X\\\YH\ܝ\[Y[X\ܚY\B [X[Hܝ ܛ۝ӈLT PB M KM KV MLNKL̍MB[XK˝XB\[H\N\X]܂YX\\X\Y NM͂ٙX\Έ\H\[][ \˂[\\YY Y\H\\KUB\H[Z[]H[[X\\JB] X\\JBۙX [XۚXۛXܜBX]ۚXY[۝” L[HX\\]KHL LŽ KM M V KM NKNL ˝X]ۚX˘B\[H\NX[YX\\[\\YYX]ۚX [[Y\ۜ\XXY[\[\