Professional Lighting & Production - Winter 2017 - Page 26

2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS 2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS A A.C. Lighting Inc. 88 Horner Ave. Toronto, ON M8Z 5Y3 416-255-9494, FAX 416-255-3514, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 2003 Officers: J.F. Canuel, Managing Dir.; Tracey Hill, VP Ops.; Fred Mikeska, VP U.S. & Cdn. Sales; Paul Pelletier, Brand Mgr., Chroma-Q; Dorothy Brennan, VP HR Sales Reps: Anne-Marie Kounelas; Marc-Andre Turgeon, Cdn. Regional Sales Rep Lines Carried: ArKaos (media servers) Chroma-Q (LED fixtures, scrollers, gobo rotators) Follow-Me (follow spot control systems) Jands (consoles) LumenRadio (wirel \Y[۝ B[Z[^]ܚ[[Y[H ]\]]\BH]\] V۝\\V]\XX\ܚY\BY Q[ݚ[XY]XY ]\K\\YYB]H \ Y[XBK˕ Y[Œ̍LY]^HMZ\\]YKӈ S VM NNML V MM N [\XY[˘K˘XY[˘BYX\\X\Y NNMBٙX\Έ[[X[SX[ [\ Zˎ[[[\K]YH \ˈ]X\[^XX[\X\”[\\Έ[]X[^[H[ۘ\[\\YY^HZH ]]X]YY[B[XYPYH [XYH YYXH\\B[\ M“PHY[ Y[]ܚ[ Y[B۝ Bؙ\[X]  Y[^\\B\^ ]T\H [\ \HXB][ۜB\[\][ۜ \[\VXBP\\X][ۈ[˂ [YܛXH \[HLML  N N  M V N N  M B˘X\\X][ۋB\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NNLB[\\YYP\\X][ۂܝXH\\X][ۈ\]Z\Y[ BXY[\X][ۜML[[H]KH XP  BLM MLLLM˜؞PXY[˘K[PXY[˘B˘XY[˘B\[H\N\X]܂[\\Έ[H\\؞HY[X“[\\YY\\ ۜ Q[Z[Z\\B^ YYXH\\۝ \\[[\X\BS V]ܚ[ܙH][ۜBܙY[Q ]\] X\Y[][X][ۜœ\[JBY\]HXY\[˂MH\] KYۘ[[ HL MBMM LLL V MM LL[[Y\Xܛ\ K˘Y\Xܛ\ B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NN “[\\YYY\]H Y[[Y[œY[B[[X [[[][ۜBUHKU\H Y[][ۜBZ\XYXXX[YXŒܘ\\]Kܛ۝ӈN  MM L KV MM L [Z\XYXٞ K˘Z\XYXٞ B\[H\NX[YX\\\X]܂YX\\X\Y NNٙX\ΈX\[K\˂[\\ΈX\[B[\\YYZ\XYX ۙ]H[ۙ]B[ۜ \\[ۙ]H^\ۙ]H\[\ۛY\[؝X[\Z\[B[YH YH BU [HXX[\XHXX[\Z\XX[\ZYBYܝ\ [H[BXY]KXX\ [\\X\BX\[ [\[\B[XHY[ [YH]\[ B][ۜ [HXX[\ZYB]]HX[ ۙ]KX[Y\HۛB\Z[[\K\^ \XXB[]X \XX[HXX[\ۛ›XX[\XHXX[\][Hܘ\̈]ZYB[X\Y[ X[ۜ•\\ٙXBĽܛHKܜ[KHL L BL M L V L MLMLNBX\\ٙXBܝ\]ۋ